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Remember Hot Real World/Road Rules Veronica Portillo?

Young Veronica Portillo in the 1990s.

Young Veronica Portillo in the 1990s.

Veronica Portillo in her Road Rules days.

Veronica Portillo in her Road Rules days.

Veronica's Last Challenge, $14.99

If you were a fan of Road Rules or Real World/Road Rules Challenges, you will remember the hot Veronica Portillo, and you either loved her or hated her.

Well, she is one of my favorite reality stars of all time. She was one of the actors that brought drama to the show - things that made these challenges fun to watch. But she wasn't always that way. There was once a kinder, gentler Veronica, and she was cool to watch too.

Where it all Started:

We first caught a look at Veronica in Road Rules: Semester at Sea in 1999 -- sixteen years ago if you can believe it. Remember that time? Clinton was President, Friends was on TV, and most people were still into having boyfriends and girlfriends instead of just hooking up.

Veronica was not so cut-throat back then. But then she didn't have to be. Semester at Sea was all about seeing the world in a college semester on a big cruise ship. It was about expanding horizons. Although there were some arguments on the show, the cast did good things like charity work on one of their exotic country stops.

Some of the tension on Semester at Sea was between Ayanna and Veronica, but it really wasn't that bad. Ayanna accused Veronica of stealing/copying her term paper. All was settled and no one assaulted anyone over it. Veronica was a fresh-faced young woman back then, almost innocent. If you ever get a chance to see Road Rules: Semester at Sea, Veronica's old role is kind of refreshing.

The cast from Road Rules: Semester at Sea, with Veronica Portillo in the center

The cast from Road Rules: Semester at Sea, with Veronica Portillo in the center

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Hot Veronica Portillo from Real World/Road Rules Challenges.

Hot Veronica Portillo from Real World/Road Rules Challenges.

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The Challenges:

Then things changed a little when it came to the challenges. It has been said that these shows sometimes bring out the worst in people because of the elimination and competition variables on the series. When it is your behind vs. someone else's, you might get feisty too.

The Cuban-American actress slyly played RW/RR challenges. She took sides and picked alliances where she had to, and played the game with a good amount of success.

She was an excellent competitor, with her shorter stature and muscular frame often being a great help with the many physical challenges that ensued on the show.

Veronica could usually be seen competing in bikinis, and has been compared to Jennifer Lopez in looks. I always thought she looked like her, personally.

Fans undoubtedly remember when Katie went into a rage against Veronica, after Veronica had picked on her for a while. Viewers say Veronica deserved it but some people liked Veronica simply because she was somewhat of a "mean girl."

Show viewing regulars will also remember when she beat Jodie in a mummy wrapping challenge. Veronica's team psyched Jodie out for picking Veronica in a bait-and-switch move. Jodie tried her best but some of the pressure got to her and she lost to Veronica.

Veronica's last challenge show was The Ruins in 2009, when she was about 31 years old.

I don't know about you, but I wish she was on another reality show. I miss her.

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