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Reina Yokoyama Japanese Pop Music Singer, Model and Member of Girl Group Morning Musume 21

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Reina Yokoyama is One of Two Members of the 13th Generation

Japanese girl group Morning Musume 21 has two members that are still relatively new. They are Reina Yokoyama of Saitama and Kaede Kaga of Tokyo when they joined in 2016. Note: the group’s name was Morning Musume 19 when this article was first being written. This news was made public in 2016 and I have decided to make the focus of this article about one of these two members. That member is Reina Yokoyama. A native of Saitama, Japan, Yokoyama was born on February 22, 2001.

Note: now Reina Yokoyama is a member of Morning Musume 21, the group’s current name.

A First Look at Reina Yokoyama


Reina Yokoyama's Career So Far

On March 2, 2017, she along with Kaga began a web talk show that was exclusively available to fan club members called Reversible Radio. At the end of that year in December, she took over as a regular member on the radio show called Young Town Doyoubi. She took over for Haruka Kudo after Kudo graduated from the group. In 2018, she released her first solo photo book called “THIS IS REINA.” She would follow up that release with the release of her first solo image Blu-ray called First Reina Yokoyama. 2018 would become quite interesting for her as she was one of 8 Morning Musume OG and Hello! Project members that were chosen for Host City Special Supporters for Kumagaya during the Rugby World Cup 2019 event hosted by Japan. On October 15, 2018, former member of girl group Berryz Kobo Yurina Kumai along with the other shortest members in Hello! Project released a photo book called Complex ni Sayounara. The other shortest members besides Yokoyama are Morito Chisaki, Moe Kamikokuryo and Musubu Funaki. These girls have been named as Minis? This is a unit that basically has the four shortest members of Hello! Project.

Interesting Facts About Reina Yokoyama

  • Her hobbies include listening to music, dancing, and singing.
  • She plays the saxophone.
  • She likes to eat spring rolls.
  • She enjoys dance and soccer.
  • Her motto or most inspirational quote is “Time is important.”
  • Her role models are Sayumi Michishige, Ayaka Hirose and Sakura Oda.

Where Were the Names of These Two Girls Mentioned

The names of these two girls were first mentioned at the famous venue Nippon Budokan during the group's then concert tour. That tour is called Morning Musume 16 Concert Tour My Vision. The group's name is now Morning Musume 21 which they are performing under since the start of 2021.

Photos of Reina Yokoyama from Her Photo Book Called This is Reina


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