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Red Notice (2021) Movie Review

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.


Starring award-winning actors, Red Notice (2021) takes you on an entertaining adventure and humorous scenes exploring the adventures of the world's greatest art thieves and their evading INTERPOL.

Overview of the Red Notice Movie

Red Notice (2021) comprises the following key features:

Genre: Action, Comedy

Setting: Various countries of the world

Audience: 16+

Warnings: strong language, violence

Themes: parent-child relationships, romance, betrayal, friendship, crime, art, humor, deceit, and the law.

Red Notice (2021) stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Ritu Arya. It is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, known for films with serious themes paired comedy, such as Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2005) and Central Intelligence (2016) that also stars Dwayne Johnson.

Red Notice: The highest level of arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Police Investigation (INTERPOL) Reserved for the world's most wanted criminals.

— Red Notice (2021)

The Characters

John Hartley is a "consultant" for art crime who gets into INTERPOL to help catch the most wanted art thief.

Nolan Booth likes to consider himself the world's greatest art thief and is also in the most wanted lists of criminals.

The Bishop is a "boogeyman" in art crime competing with Nolan Booth to secure the three Cleopatra's eggs.

Inspector Das is the lead officer in INTERPOL determined to catch the notorious art thieves who have evaded the law for a long time.

Sotto Voce is an illegal arms dealer in possession of the 2nd Cleopatra's egg.

You could be the bad guy, and I the other bad guy.

— Booth in Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice Plot Summary

The thief gets caught, and the thief is the hero. That sums up the basic plot of Red Notice.

The movie has various settings including Rome, Bali, Russia, London Valencia, Argentina, Cairo, and Sardinia.

It begins with a narrator telling the story of Cleopatra's three eggs given to her by her lover Mark Antony. The first scene begins with a man making a forgery of one of Cleopatra's eggs.

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INTERPOL compels the director of a museum holding the first golden egg to shut down based on information that a consultant received.

A chase ensues when the consultant finds out that the egg has been stolen and a man takes off from the crowd.

It is hilarious how the man being pursued manages to escape because he has a smaller body than the consultant that's chasing him through the building. Hence, he uses his physique to his advantage by passing through spaces that the big guy cannot pass through.

56 hours after the chase we find out the location of the egg, when Nolan is arrested with an exaggerated team of officers from INTERPOL.

It doesn't matter what you do, only matters what they think you have done.

— Booth in Red Notice (2021)

Booth and Hartley, the lead competitor of The Bishop and the lead investigator, forge an unexpected bond since they have to work together for their survival, although each has his reasons for cooperating with the other. Also, each has a special history with their fathers.

"Your dad was a cop, so you became a crook. My dad was a crook and so I became a cop," Hartley says to Booth, trying to convince him of their apparent similarities.

Booth is the most experienced one at getting away from the law enforcers. As Hartley noted, he is in it for the thrill, not the money.

There is one challenge for Booth, though. He has always worked alone and enjoys it, and now he has to work with Hartley as a team.

Their first mission together is to steal the second egg from Sotto Voce. It seems impossible considering Sotto Voce is an arms dealer with heavily guarded premises, and the night they attack during the masquerade, the party will be full of criminals.

They also take a trip to the jungle in Argentina in search of the third egg that Nolan stumbled upon its location in what seems like a stroke of fate through revelations by his father's watch, that had been the very source of their alienation when Nolan was growing up.

The end goal of their adventures is to deliver the three eggs to a billionaire in Cairo who is hosting a beautiful birthday party for hi only daughter, for a payment of $300,000,000.

How does it feel to be sold out by the most wanted thief in the world?

— Hartley in Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice Analysis

Nolan Booth is the funniest character in the movie as scenes with the guy elicit humour with his sarcastic remarks, indifference, and pursuit for his own self-preservation.

He is caught red handed with the painting of a woman in a red hat, and in response Booth says, "I got that on Etsy."

In one instance, he forgoes his number one interest, the golden egg, I found it funny, too.

Suspenseful music accompanies the movie scenes building up the anticipation for more action that actually happens.

I like how music is used within the plot as well. Hartley and Booth whistle to a tune. The Bishop sings to Hartley a song about "downtown" used euphemistically.

It is creative how the red colour is incorporated in the general feel if the movie, supplementing the title. The foot chase and car chases were also great additions to the thrill of Red Notice.

I found it enjoyable to watch the two actors, Johnson and Reynolds, together performing the role of a criminal profiler and criminal respectively with aligned goals.

The beauty of the two characters working together, sneaking around, and developing a bond is the stuff that makes Red Notice appealing.

The great use of flashbacks gives us background information about the characters and why they are the way they are. Also, the themes focussed on are friendship, family, betrayal, crime, and art.

Furthermore, the use of storytelling, first the allusion to Cleopatra, the Nazi art dealer's story, and about Nolan Booth's father, all aid the plot to move forward.

The character development, costumes, actor's performance, and entertainment value are over the top.

Women in Red Notice are portrayed in positive light, as smart and powerful. However, the usual women using their femininity to trick men is captured in this movie.

If you enjoy crime fiction mixed with doses of sarcastic humour, Red Notice is one of those movies. The movie gets a perfect score of five-stars from me.

You can only stream the movie on Netflix, as it is not available on Amazon Prime Video.

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