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Reasons Why the Forgotten Kristen Stewart Movie Cold Creek Manor(2003) Is the Thriller We All Should Watch

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The plot

Cold Creek Manner has a pretty common trope of a family moving into a house that has a dark past. What makes this movie different is its unexpected twists and turns. While living in New York, a family comes into contact with a near tragedy that leads them to make a choice to leave the city lifestyle for a more safer alternative. It is ironic that the family goes to the country and finds it can be as unsafe as the city. The difference is the face value where they know the city is unsafe while the country has the appearance of safety. The country locals are not as forgiving and open as the family expects them to be. When the family comes into contact with the previous owner, they feel guilty about buying his house that they give him a job. Even though they feel wary of keeping the previous owner around, they still make the choice to bring him into their lives.


The Mystery

The previous family includes Dale Massie and his father who is in the nursing home. Dale used to have a couple of kids and a wife who has been missing for years now. The question is what really happened to his family and why does it feel like it was covered up. Cooper, the current owner of the manner, tries to find out the truth. This leads to him and his family possibly being in danger.


The nostalgia

This movie came out in the early 2000s with Kristen Stewart being so very young. This movie came out before Kristen starred in the movie Speak which honestly was one of her best acting movies by far. Kristen plays the daughter of the family and she does an okay job. It was not her best work but she was also a newer actress. One thing that stands out to me regarding her performance is the way she acts surprised. It reminds me of Twilight and her unfortunate way of being blank than have emotion. This movie is pure nostalgia with the early 2000s clothes, the actors, and the common thriller trope. Being able to see Kristen as a young actress is honestly the icing on the cake.

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Rated R

Cold Creek Manor is on HBOMAX

Family friendly: Somewhat because it may be unsuitable unsuitable young viewers for sexual scenes and gore

Reccomendation: YES for those who enjoy crime thrillers

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