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Why do People Love Paul Walker? 5 Reasons to Love The Fast and Furious Star

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Paul William Walker IV was a Hollywood actor known for his role in The Fast and The Furious movie franchise. He is also known for his mesmerizing looks and love for cars. It's been six years since his death in a tragic car accident, the Furious star is still remembered by his fans all over the world. Here are some reasons that make Paul Walker special from other Hollywood stars.

1.A man with a Big Heart

The size of the heart is measured by the love and generosity of a person, Paul's heart is really big. In 2004, a veteran was unable to buy the desired diamond ring for his wedding, on hearing this Paul gifted the ring, and the thing is it was kept as a secret until his death. Another interesting fact is that, before his fatal car accident, Paul was attending a charity function to raise money to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan. His heart always wants to help helpless people. His love is not only limited to humans. As a marine biologist, he was involved in supporting marine organisms. He was part of the crew that uploaded GPS to white sharks. His passion for marine biology was so high.

There was another news in media that he refused the offer to act in the lead role in superman movie, stating that he loved Aquaman than superman because he can always hang out with dolphins. His love for dogs is so high. Many animal lovers are still missing a person in their family.

When you put good will out there, it's amazing what can be accomplished

— Paul Walker

2.Hero in real life

Though he refused to play the role of Superman in cinema, he is the superman in real life. Whenever a tragedy hits on people in one country, normally people send their prayers or their donations to the affected people. But our man is not a normal person, he himself enters into the action and helped the worst effected people and the thing is he didn't do it for his publicity. Reach out Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded by Paul in 2010, ROWW consists of first responders and professionals in medical and disaster relief who augment local expertise to accelerate relief efforts. They take part in relief efforts in major disasters around the world.

According to Jesse Brisendine, a friend of Paul who accompanied him in Haiti relief work stated that starting ROWW gave Paul immense joy. Paul was the guy who likes to takes part in work rather than watching someone work on his behalf, which is evident from his work during Haiti relief.

If One day Speed Kills me don't be sad because I will have died Smiling - Paul Walker

3.He is an Impacter

A man can be remembered forever by the love he gives to the people around him, this is so true in the case of Paul. Even many years since his death, love for this man is really huge and it is only due to his attitude which influenced lots of people. According to his co-star and best friend Tyrese Gibson, Paul had a real relationship with everybody this is evident from the emotions of his director, the marine biologist, the firefighter, and everyone associated with him in the documentary of Paul Walker. The way he makes a relationship with people and the care and affection he shows towards them attract people towards him. Like the words of Emerson, It is not the length of life but it is the depth of the life that matters and Paul lived his life every single minute.

Legacy is something that is created in everyday life and Paul created his legacy through his involvement in good things. The legacy of Paul Walker will last forever. The life of a person can't be measured by the number of years he lives, but by the impact, he created on others. Paul lives his life to the fullest and Remember Paul once said that If One day speed kills me don't be sad because I will have died smiling.


4.A man who listen to his heart

Paul Walker was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student he was awarded a black belt posthumously by his trainer Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller. Miller in an interview shared Paul's passion for martial art. We all know his craze for cars, Paul's grandfather was a racer who is the big inspiration behind Paul's love for cars. We all know about his love for cars, he is the co-founder of sports car shop "Always evolving" whose CEO was Roger Rodgas. Paul is not only a racer in movies, he completed the Redline time attack racing series, he also owns a large collection of cars.

Andy Muxlow his childhood friend in the documentary stated that Paul is not a puppet, really he is the one who follows his heart. It really needs a brave heart to follow what our heart says, Paul is really a brave man in this aspect. According to director Bob Cohen Paul always used to say that his daughter and surfing are his life, that's what he cares most. His filmography was much related to his heart, he always hated to be in the limelight that is really a rare quality in a celebrity. Knowing our heart is the hardest thing ever in this world and Paul knows his heart very well and that is what separates him from other stars.

My philosophy is: If you can’t have fun, there’s no sense in doing it.

— Paul Walker

5.Finally he is Brian O Conner

Paul came to the limelight through his role in the Fast and Furious franchise. I still remember watching The Fast and The Furious movie on a Television channel with my friends in our early teens. Every one of us was attracted to the looks and style of Brian O Conner, there was a fight among us to portray ourselves as Brian. The Director of the movie revealed that when Paul was at the discussion for his Fast and Furious movie he was amazed by the role of Brian O Conner, the reasons being he was an undercover cop, he got the car, he got the girl that amused him a lot to commit in the movie. The character he played in the movie connects with the common man in everyday life. He just showed us how to love our Friends and Family. He also taught an important lesson on how to treat a woman by showing his love for Mia. For Paul Walker fans like me, The Fast and Furious is all about Brian and Toretto, But without Brian, the franchise is not much interesting for Paul's fans.

He is a really great inspiration for us, most people still miss him. But Don't cry because he is dead, Just smile that he was born.


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  1. What is the undercover name of Paul Walker in The fast and Furious movie?
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  1. Brian Earl Spilner

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