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Reasons Why You Should Watch Lost

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LOST - "Everything Happens for a Reason"

LOST - "Everything Happens for a Reason"

I could probably come up with a hundred if I had to, but you really shouldn't need more than these ten to convince you to love ABC's Lost (in no particular order):

The Acting

Not many shows have the broadcast that Lost does. Usually there would be at least one or two, when the size is so big, who give flat lines or inconsistent characterization. In Lost, all the actors and actresses deliver.

Terry O'Quinn even won an Emmy in 2007 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, with Michael Emerson winning the same category in 2009! Two winners may not seem like much, but keep in mind the many more nominations and the fact that science fiction is rarely even thought of in mainstream television awards.

Outside the Emmys other award shows have graced Lost actors with even more nominations and occasional wins.

The Scenery

When you think of the many cop and lawyer shows taking place in dull, grey offices, the beauty of the Lost island is even more appreciated:

The shades of blues and greens, the mountains and jungles, the rivers and the ocean, and so on. This show is begging to be watched in HD. You can purchase the entire series on Blu-ray if you missed the chance to watch in high quality when Lost was on the air.

Personally, my favorite beautiful Lost location was always Hurley's golf course. What was yours?

Bromance, or Male Friendships

Charlie and Hurley, Hurley and Sawyer, Sawyer and Jack, Jack and Sayid, Jin and Sawyer, and so on. It's becoming more common to see close friendships between men on TV (google "bromance"); but it's still rare to see them done so well, where the guys genuinely care about each other and show it.

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On Lost, we get guy hugs, guy talks, guy "I love you"s. Watch the below clip for one of the sweetest moments between one of the best bromances ever on television.


From skin color to body build to personality types, Lost has a bit of it all. Less so in later seasons, but all throughout the show there is a mix of races and ages and sex and nationality.

Even in death, Lost is equal. It definitely can't be accused of killing off more women or more non-white characters, because... well, Lost loved killing. Everyone. Mercilessly. It didn't matter what you looked like, that's for sure.

LOST - The Complete Second Season

LOST - The Complete Second Season


So many shows just start a completely new story at the beginning of each episode. This can work in some TV series, but it sure does get old after a while. The worst offenders don't even carry over character or relationship development. I'm looking at you, Law and Order.

With Lost, nothing is "safe"- there's no escaping the terrible things happening to our characters at the end of the hour, as it will just continue in the next episode. It requires patience, but it rewards us for it. You may have had to wait years (or fifty episodes, if watching in the present day time of marathon viewing), but Lost always gave a payoff in the end.


I thought about listing some of my favorites, but decided to keep this hub spoiler-free (unless you click on the videos). But, Lost pulls twists better than any other work of fiction I've ever seen. I can think of my favorite shocks from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Walking Dead, and so on. Nothing compares.

Lost was known for its twists.

They did it so frequently that you might think it would become predictable, but nope. They get us every time. I couldn't sleep until four in the morning after some of them! Your heart literally races. Your jaw actually drops.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at a Lost Comic Con panel.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at a Lost Comic Con panel.


The team of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, otherwise known affectionately as "Darlton", interacted with their fans more than any other showrunners I’ve heard of. They have a quirky since of humor and aren’t afraid to show it, demonstrated in their old podcasts. Nowadays you can find them on Twitter. Though they've gone their separate ways, they were the Lost team.

But more important than humor or fan-interaction, I still to this day feel they earned our trust. They proved again and again they knew what they were doing with Lost and its characters, regardless of whether or not "it" was all plotted out (which, it's openly admitted, it was not - but what show is?!) or whether you feel you had enough answers.

They told the story they meant to tell, and I'll always respect that.

Easter Eggs

There are so many things hidden in each Lost episode for us to pick up on that we were (and are) forced to work together to discover them all (and I'm sure that some are still missed). On the other hand, if you don't want to play this little game, it's completely unnecessary to do so. You'll still be able to follow what's going on without them, but if you enjoy getting really involved in the puzzle there is endless material to hunt for and dissect.

In fact, some people are known to take it a little far, building up a list of questions that were never questions at all, but subtle references or a part of the numbers game, etc.!


Every question is answered with questions and it's done brilliantly - because not every question in the world needs to be answered. Watch the video of J.J. Abrams talking about the concept of the "Mystery Box" to get a much better explanation than I could ever give as to why this format is a good thing - and why some of us actually hoped that not everything would be wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end.


The Lost characters rival those of Joss Whedon (AKA "God" of well-written characters; creator/co-creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, and Fray; director of The Avengers). The way they're designed to at first look like stereotypes or pure villians, but are soon revealed to have hidden depths and pasts that undermine the first impression is brilliant. They are some of the most touching and relatable people in television because of their intense flaws.

And in the end, just like in the very beginning before the show became wrapped up in science fiction and spirituality, it was the characters that mattered most.

The cast of Lost in a promo

The cast of Lost in a promo

What are some of your favorite things about Lost?


Amanda (author) from Michigan, United States on June 06, 2016:

Thank you for your comment! I too spent many hours chatting with online friends about Lost back in the day - everything from mysteries to character relationships. I think much of my fondness for the show now comes from memories of the large community surrounding it.

And it did indeed leave us with a lot to think about. Whether those thoughts and feelings are positive or negative for each individual, Lost at least stimulated your mind and touched your heart.

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on June 03, 2016:

I was truly bummed when Lost came to an end. Some online friends and I were huge fans and we had a lot of chatter about it. I'm still trying to sort out all the meanings behind how it ended. But it was a great run. I haven't seen a series since that had its appeal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with fans!

Just A Voice on May 27, 2010:

I loved Lost because of all the reasons you listed above. This show was special.

A lot of people couldn't hang in there because they don't like a show that has a continuous story line. And before Lost I would've agreed with them. I had tried one other program that had this particular format, but it just didn't draw me in the way Lost did.

I can't imagine that another show will pull me in like this...but then again, I didn't think Lost would either.

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