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Ray Wise: Seven Decades of a Brilliant Career

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Ray Wise

Ray Wise

A man on a mission

Ray Wise is an actor who can truly say he has "Been there, done that" for just about everything. His career began in the 1960s and in 2022 he is still going strong and has portrayed so many characters that no one can keep count. Raymond Herbert Wise was. born on August 20, 1947, and is best known for his role as Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks from 1990–1991, the prequel film Twin Peaks, and Fire Walk With Me in 1992. He was Vice PresidentHal Gardner in 24 in 2006 and portrayed the devil in, Reaper (2007–2009). He was Marvin in Fresh off the Boat (2015–2020), and has portrayed Father Peter Westley a priest in 3 episodes of Psych. He recently reprised the role to do a video wedding for Burton Guster (Dule Hill) and Selene (Jazmine Simone).in Psych 3 This is Gus. Wise has been a man on a mission portraying saint and sinner, cult leader, the nice guy, Satan, and everything in between. Wise grew up in a Christian home and attended Methodist church and a number of his roles are related to religion. When, however, Wise flashes that wicked smile it's not difficult to believe he is the devil incarnate.

Rey Wise Family and career

Wise got his start in the 1969 film 'Dare the devil and from 1970-1976 he portrayed Jamie Rawlins on the CBS soap Love of Life. He was in hundreds of television shows and movies including Barnaby Jones, Lou Grant, TJ Hooker, Jake and the Fat Man, Dallas, Night of the Living Deb, God's Not Dead 2, Jurassic City, The Floc, RoboCop, and The Journey of Natty Gann. Soap fans will recognize him as Jamie Rawlins on Love of Life, Ian Ward on The Young and the Restless, and Hal Rumley on Days of Our Lives. Between 1969 and 2021 there are only two years where the actor does not have any roles listed. They are 1980 and 2020, That's pretty impressive and in the midst of his busy career Wise has been married since 1978 to his wife film producer Kass McClaskey,.They have two children: a son, Gannon McClaskey Wise, who is an actor and writer; and a daughter, Kyna Wise,who is an actress and a singer.

Father Peter Westley

Father Peter Westley

Notable roles

On The Young and the Restless Wise portrayed dastardly cult leader Ian Ward who was also a rapist. On Psych as Father Peter Westley, he seems to be a genuine man of the cloth. In November 2021 Wise reprised his role as the priest in the film Psych 3 This is Gus. He appeared via video near the end of the movie as Selene (Jazmine Simone) went into labor. Gus, (Dule Hill) did not desire to disappoint his mother by having his son born out of wedlock so the priest was supposed to perform the wedding ceremony. As Selene screams in pain Shawn (James Roday Rodereguiz ) and Gus are frantic. Father Wesley begins by saying "The power of Christ compels you" which is a lien he used in an episode of Psych where he did an exorcism. (These words were actually uttered by Michael Myers in Austin Powers). . He goes in and out of exorcism mode as he points the aspergillum at the screen as if sprinkling Holy Water. The priest eventually says enough of the traditional wedding vows so that Gus and Selene can say "I do" just before Shawn delivers the baby and through it all Father Wesley maintains his composure. as everyone else is freaking out.

Additional credits and awards

In 2014, Wise starred as Buck Marshall in an original Chipotle web series titled Farmed and Dangerous..In 2018, he made a guest appearance in the second volume of Hyper RPG's horror anthology RPG, 10 Candles. Wise explained t the mysteries of the town of Kolob and in 2019 reprised that role for the opening credits of 'Kollok 1991'. As a voice actor Wise portrayed Perry White in the movie Superman Doomsday and was Commissioner Gordon in the animated film version of The Killing Joke. He is also known for portraying Michael Dugan, the President of The United States in the full-motion video game Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and also in the expansion, Yuri's Revenge. In 1993 Wise was Nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (1992)and he received the B-Movie Award for Best Actor for Cyxork 7 in 2006.


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