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Ray Liotta: Joe Perrini on Another World

Ray Liotta as Joey Perinni

Ray Liotta as Joey Perinni

Liotta began on a daytime drama

Actor Ray Liotta passed away in his sleep on May 26 2022. He was born on December 18, 1954, in Newark New Jersey. He was abandoned at an orphanage but adopted at the age of six months by Alfred Liotta. an auto-parts store owner and his wife township clerk Mary Liotta. Ray's adoptive parents were of Italian and Scottish descent The actor and producer is best known for his role in the film Goodfellows and also starred in Something Wild (1986), for which he received a Golden Globe nomination. He was also in many other movies including Unlawful Entry (1992), Cop Land (1997) Hannibal (2001) Blow (2001), JJohn Q (2002), Killing Them Softly (2012)Marriage Story (2019) The Many Saints of Newark (2021) and the television drama series Shades of Blue (2016–2018). Longtime soap fans recall that Liotta got his start in entertainment on the NBC soap Another World. This daytime drama began as a 30-minute production Created by Irna Phillips and William Bell. The premiere episode was on May 4th 1964. The series spun off two other serials ('Somerset' in 1970 and 'Texas' in 1980) and received 12 Daytime Emmys. AW went to an hour in 1978 and was canceled on June 25, 1999. The series ended after 35 seasons and 8,891. Low ratings and a time slot needed to make room for 'Passions,' played a role in the demise of the soap. The daytime drama aired at 3:00 PM. These were the days when multiple soaps were on all three major networks

Joey Perrini

Liotta portrayed heartthrob Joey Perrini on Another World from April 4, 1978, until November 9, 1981. Joey left Bay City to elope with Kit Halloway ( Bradley Bliss). Liotta actually walked away from the daytime drama for bigger and better things and he found them. While on the soap his character Joseph Anthony Perrini‘ was the brother of Angie Perrini ( Maeve Kinkead) and their mother was Rose Perrini, (Kathleen Widdoes). Liotta was on the NBC soap during a time when daytime drama shows were called “stories”. Young children would watch their mothers and or grandmothers stop everything to sit in front of the television to watch their favorite characters on daytime TV. These were the days when if you talked too loudly you would be told to "shush" because the stories were on. Joey Perrini was actually mentioned off and on for several years as being the childhood pal of Jamie Frame (Bobby Doran). He was also the next-door neighbor of Jamie’s grandmother. popular character Ada, Downs McGowan (the late great Constance Ford). Joey was eventually given a face and brought to life when Liotta was given the role. Liotta as Joey was the only young man at the time who" elicited a strong positive response from the audience.”, especially females. These were the glory days of television and soap fans are feeling nostalgic in the aftermath of Liotta's passing away.


Joey's Love Life and Ray's evolution

Young Sally Frame (Cathy Greene, Julie Philips) had a major crush on Joey, but he fell in love with Eileen Simpson (Vicky Dawson). Eileen passed away shortly after she and Joey married after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Slowly, over time Joey found love again with Kit Farrell AKA Kit Halloway, an heiress who lied about her identity because she had been kidnapped. She did not desire to be abducted again so Joey tried to break up with her for her own good. The duo later reconciled. and both characters left Bay City when they decided opted to elope. Another World was produced by Proctor and Gamble and was also the second soap opera with a theme song to chart on Billboard. The song (You Take Me Away To) Another World" was a hit in 1987 for Gary Morris and Crystal Gayle. After leaving the NBC soap the actor was in the following television films and series.1980 Hardhat and Legs, 1981 Crazy Times, 1983 Saint Elsewhere,1984 Casablanca and Mike Hammer, and 1985 Our Family Honor. He worked steadily through the decades and lent his voice to the video games Grand Theft Auto Vice City (Tommy Versetti) 2002, Call of Duty Black Opps II 2013 (Zombies)Billy Handsome and Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition 2021 Tommy Vercetti. With all of his success, Ray Liotta will be fondly remembered by Another World fans for his first role as Joey Perrini.

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