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Every Sentai Series That Need an American Adaption (part 1)

I've been reading comics and watching cartoons for as long as I can remember. So yeah, I know a thing or two or three.


Super Sentai vs Power Rangers

While Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the first American series brought from the Japanese Super Sentai franchise, it was not the first attempt. During the 1970s and 1980s, Marvel actually helped out with the production of the Sentai franchise, taking it from just Sentai to the Super Sentai title. Marvel Studios actually produced a pilot episode for an American adaption of Sun Vulcan, but unfortunately, it never made it onto the networks, so it wasn't until much later that we got our first taste of Power Rangers in 1993.

So how about we discuss the reasons that the Super Sentai franchise in America would be an awesome thing to see.


Himitsu Sentai Gorenger

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger was the first Sentai series produced, way back in 1975, almost two decades before we in America got our hands on anything remotely close to it. This series not only introduced the idea of the costumed team of color coordinated superhumans, but it also gave us a lot of the firsts in the franchise.

For starters, it started the overt tradition of the red ranger team leader, which has continued (with few exceptions) to this day. This series set up the general rule of five rangers, as well as the Red-Blue-Yellow-Pink/White-Green/Black formula (which continues in most of the history of Super Sentai). This series also had the first ranger replacement, when Daita Oiwa (the yellow ranger) gave his powers to Daigoro Kumano. Daigoro was the first ranger to be killed in battle, bringing Daita back into the fray.

Now, with all of this information, one of the biggest changes that would have to be made to the series is the awkward costumes, with their capes, would have to be a bit adjusted, maybe to look a bit more like the suits in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. With this more battle armor looking style, it would make more sense as a precursor to the later Power Rangers teams.

Potential series titles: Power Rangers Go!, Power Rangers: Origins


J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

The second Sentai series didn't really bring anything spectacular to the table (it remains the shortest lived Super Sentai series). It was a shame, since the idea behind it was a pretty original premise; four young people were chosen to be subjected to cybernetic enhancement in order to fight Crime (yes, that was really the bad guys). The Rangers themselves weren't particularly interesting characters, but the series did bring more adult themes (graphic violence, blood, alcohol) to the Sentai franchise. While the ratings weren't amazing (in fact, they were abysmal), the JAKQ rangers did have a fairly original motif (playing cards) that hasn't really been seen since. This was also the first ranger team to start off with only 4 rangers, and is to this day the only one to do so. It was also the first team that did not feature a yellow ranger.. Later, the four are joined by their new mobilization leader, their fifth ranger, designated the Big One.

As I mentioned before, this series doesn't bring much to the table as much as Gorenger did, but it is still a big player in the mythos of the Super Sentai franchise. Banba is even considered one of the great senseis of the Legendary Rangers. It deserves an adaption purely based on the fact that it has the opportunity to be a Power Rangers series targeted at an older generation. As long-term fans, we deserve this!

Potential series titles: Power Rangers: Full House, Power Rangers: Joker Blitzkrieg


Battle Fever J

This series holds the distinction of having the first completely English title (given the Japanese pronounce it a bit differently), as well as being the first series to have the Super in front of Sentai. This series had a lot of first, including the first giant mecha (Zords), the first black and orange rangers, and the ONLY time that one of the ranger's legs were not covered when morphed.

As with the Gorenger series, there are a couple of times that the ranger's pass their powers to a new person. The first Battle Cossack was killed in battle and was replaced by Makoto Jin. The first Miss America (yes, that's really her designation), was hurt in battle by Dracula and gave her powers over to Maria Nagisa.

This series could be a great opportunity to be a global phenomenon, if it was done right. We could actually have a person from each of the countries portray their respective rangers: Battle Japan, Battle France, Battle Cossack (or Russia now I guess), Battle Kenya and Miss America. Hell, if the series is popular enough, they could start bringing in other countries and have a global network of Power Ranger.

Potential series titles: Power Rangers: Global Grid, Power Rangers: United Nations


Denshi Sentai Denziman

Well, well, well, we finally arrive at the first series to actually have the word sentai in the series name. Denziman was the first return to the original color formula introduced in Gorenger, and continued the trend introduced in Battle Fever J of the rangers wearing bandannas around their neck.

The Denziman rangers drew their powers from the Denzi Star, which was destroyed by the Vader Clan (yeah, like Darth Vader) led by Queen Hedrian (played by Rita Repulsa). This makes the first team that draw their powers from an extraterrestrial source (a trend which returns often). This team also marks the first time that the team as a whole has a transformation device (Morpher).

This series could be adapted into the modern day as a group of extraterrestrials, similar to the Aquitar rangers during the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers saga. The history could literally follow the destruction of the Denzi Star, having the last surviving members of the Denzi race trying to protect the Earth from the Vader Clan.

Potential series titles: Power Rangers: Denzi Force, Denzi Rangers


Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

This Sentai was the first series to introduce the 3 person team, as well as the first to have an over-arcing motif of animals. This was the first time that we had a Red Ranger be replaced with a new member, and featured the first time that a Ranger used a sword, which became a trope that was featured with Red Rangers for many seasons. While not the first team to have the core three Red, Yellow, and Blue Rangers, the Sun Vulcan team solidified the idea that the three primary colors that would appear in all nearly every series afterwards (sans Changeman, Kyoryuger, and Ryusoulger). It can be argued that were it not for this series, we wouldn't have the trinity of Red, Blue and Yellow.

This series was a sort of followup to Denziman, which brings back the Vader Clan, but the primary villainous team of the series is the Machine Empire Black Magma. While that is a mouthful, to say, if this was to be adapted as a Power Rangers series, the Machine Empire tie could put this as either a prelude or a followup to Power Rangers Zeo (which does not get enough love). With the "Omnipotent God" from Sun Vulcan, which is literally a brain in a jar, it could give us this adaption a bit of a Metroid feel, sending Rangers into deep space to slow the Machine Empire from arriving on earth.

Potential series titles: Power Rangers: Vulcan, Power Rangers: Solar Force, Vulcan Rangers

To be continued...