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Rainn Wilson as Dwight on the Office Is the Funniest Character on TV

The End Has Come

With the series finale of The Office behind us, it's time to look back and remember some of Dwight Schrute's best moments on the show. Frankly, you could make a list from here to Scranton and that might not cover all of them. Rainn Wilson took the office oddball and made him into one of the most popular characters in television history. For all nine seaons, we've had Dwight. He's a volunteer sheriff, assistant TO the regional manager, garden party host, and purple belt karate student. Once, he even pretended to give birth to Jan's sperm donor baby. One thing is certain -- there will never be another character like Dwight Schrute.

Volunteer Deputy Sheriff

Volunteer Deputy Sheriff

You did WHAT ???

In the episode, "Stress Relief", Dwight staged a fire to help the co-workers learn how not to panic during a fire. It backfired when Stanley had a heart attack.

Later, a trained medic is brought in to show how to perform CPR on a dummy. Dwight decides he will show them how to harvest organs in case the victim dies.

More Than Just a Salesman

Surrogate mother - Dwight offers to help MIchael prepare for the birth of Jan's sperm donor baby by giving birth to a watermelon. It gets dropped and later eaten because he coated the fruit with butter since "baby's are slippery".

Volunteer deputy sheriff - Dwight takes matters into his own hands when he finds a joint in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin, ordering everyone in the office to take a drug test. When he finds out that Michael (Steve Carell) recently smoked marjuana at an Alicia Keys concert, he gives his boss a sample of his own urine.

Karate student - After bragging about his training, Michael allows Dwight to punch him in the stomach. Peer pressure later convinces the two to meet for an epic battle at the Dojo, where Michael actually gets the best of Dwight.

Snooty upper class businessman - With the aid of his co-workers, he gets dressed up and learns a few phrases from PRETTY WOMAN to gain revenge against a salesman who he feels snubbed him.

Building owner - After purchasing the building that holds Dunder Mifflin, he immediately instituted new ways to save money, including making the toilet paper one-ply and putting all of the lights on timers.



The Women

Dwight can be very charming when he wants to be.

Angela - The on-again, off-again relationship with the petite accountant has capivated the fans of the show for several years. The funniest storyline was the sexual contract that they entered together for Dwight to perform a stud service for a set number of times. However, the two finally married in the finale and Oscar became the godfather of Phillip.

The Babysitter - Desperate to attend the dinner party at Michael's place, Dwight brings his childhood babysitter to be his date for the evening so he can spy on Andy and Angela. Later, he leaves the babysitter at the bus station. She did get fed first, though. So, he wasn't a total insensitive monster.

Isabelle - The tall, beautiful Isabelle first met Dwight in Niagara at the Halpert wedding. She made a few other appearances, each time impressing him with her verbal repartee. While hanging out in the parking lot of a sports bar, she plays Whack-a-mole on Angela's head in one of the funniest moments of her brief time on the show.

Esther - The gorgeous farmer's daughter was willing to do anything to make Dwight happy. But, she was unable to truly captivate his heart as it already belonged to Angela. Esther would have made a fun addition to the show if she had been brought on THE OFFICE a season earlier.

Dwight and Esther

Dwight and Esther

Maybe I Made a Mistake

While trying to impress Jo with his antique gun, Dwight accidentally discharges the weapon into the office floor, causing Andy to lose partial hearing in his ear. He decides to try to stage a cover-up to protect his reputation with his co-workers.

Love/Hate with Jim Halpert

The battle has raged since the show first made its debut. There have been a ton of pranks exchanged (mostly by Jim), but when push comes to shove, the two co-workers realize that they need the other to have balance in their life.

The snowball fight that ensued over two episodes was actually the first time that Dwight truly got the best of Jim. He bloodied his nose and had him overcome with fear of another ambush.

The pepper spray that Dwight used on Roy definitely saved Jim from a beating at the hands of Pam's former lover. Although he refused to accept a token of gratitude from Jim, his actions were such a turn-on to Angela that Dwight was rewarded in other ways.

The knock-knock joke that Dwight used on Michael backfired when Jim reversed it on him, leaving him with a smacked face and the knowledge that "the KGB waits for no one !"

In the finale, Dwight refuses to let Jim and Pam quit so that he can fire them ! However, he explains that it's only so that the company has to pay them severance. Jim became his best man and Pam became his best friend. A very fitting end for the trio !

Rainn Wilson at an autograph session in Austin, TX, 2012

Rainn Wilson at an autograph session in Austin, TX, 2012

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Goodbye (sniff, sniff)

Rainn Wilson has given us a look at one of the most memorable characters in television history. Years from now, people will look back and remember his quest to destroy Jim and become the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin. Let's hope that Rainn can find another role that brings us the same amount of joy and laughter that he has already given to us.



Kenneth Claude (author) from Ohio on July 09, 2013:

Wow, that seems to be a bit extreme. Apparently they didn't notice the sarcasm/humor in your words.

Beth37 on July 09, 2013:

Yeah, Im watching them with my son now.

On a sidenote, I was banned from the forum for one week for that post I made. Odd.

Kenneth Claude (author) from Ohio on July 09, 2013:

Very good quote ! I still watch the reruns via netflix nearly every morning to kick off my day. :)

Beth37 on July 09, 2013:

Oh my goodness. You're 100% right. This show is the best on TV imo. So funny, I just put up a Dwight quote on my FB status last night.

"She introduced me to so many things... pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism..." Dwight on Angela

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