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Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Brutal Swarm Operator and Gadget Guide


On September 6, Operation Brutal Swarm will debut, bringing Rainbow Six Siege a brand-new device for identifying Defenders. Grim, a new Attacker, can launch localised swarms of robotic bees that betray the locations of his adversaries using the Kawan Hive Launcher. Grim will be included in the Brutal Swarm Battle Pass during Operation Brutal Swarm's launch and will be unlockable two weeks later using Renown or R6 Credits. A number of free upgrades are also forthcoming, including the addition of Stadium to the list of available maps, adjustments to PC's recoil, a new impact EMP grenade for select Attackers, mid-season Operator balance adjustments for Rook and Dokkaebi, and more.

Grim and the Kawan Hive Launcher

Here are some facts about the Operator before we go into detail about Grim's particular device: Grim is a 3-speed Attacker who joins the Nighthaven faction and is from Singapore. His primary weapon slot can be equipped with either the 552 Commando assault rifle or the SG-CQB shotgun, and he carries the P229 pistol as a secondary weapon along with either breach charges or a claymore as his generic gadget.

Grim is a roamer-hunting Operator who gathers intelligence and uses his Kawan Hive Launcher to find or eliminate bothersome Defenders. This is how it goes: The projectiles fired from the launcher adhere to surfaces. A missile opens up after impact and drops a canister on the ground. A swarm of micro air vehicles, often known as robotic bees, are then released from the canister and hover in the vicinity for a certain amount of time. The bees will swarm them and track their whereabouts in real-time for all the Attackers to watch if a Defender is caught in the swarm or dashes into it.

Some of the bees will stay with the Defender if they leave the swarm area for a brief period of time and ping their location a few more times before deactivating and dispersing.

Because revealing your position in Siege can have fatal repercussions, Grim is a potent tool for upsetting Defender plans. He can play a key role in aiding his comrades in clearing rooms as they make progress toward the goal and can guard the team's back by deploying swarms along potential flank routes. Even though they'll only exist for a short while, the Attackers may only need to take advantage of that window of time to press forward and acquire the upper hand.

However, The Defenders do have some options. Grim's projectiles can't land or release bees thanks to Jäger and Wamai's technology, which makes them a formidable line of defence. His projectiles will also be zapped by Aruni's laser gates, but Grim and his teammates could value him using a projectile to go around the obstacle. Due to the fact that lightning would render Grim's projectiles useless, Kaid and Bandit are also effective opponents. However, bringing Mute may be the most adaptable Grim-countering move: A Mute jammer's radius prevents players from being swarmed, while a canister that lands close to one prevents the deployment of bees. A swarmed player will also instantly lose their swarm if they enter the Mute jammer's field of effect. The last one is Vigil, whose disguise prevents bees from recognising him and enables him to sneak through Grim's swarms unnoticed.

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The Stadium Map

Stadium, which first debuted in 2021's Road to SI tournament, has been updated and now joins the map pool in Operation Brutal Swarm. In some areas, unbreakable glass barriers make the line between Attackers and Defenders unusually transparent, while the gantry spawns high above the main structure allowing Attackers to enter with style. Players can use the colour-coded spaces inside for improved callouts and communication. Team Deathmatch will be allowed to use the stadium as well.

Impact EMP gadget

The impact EMP grenade, a general weapon option currently available to some Attackers, differs significantly from Thatcher's special EMP grenade weapon in several important respects. The impact EMP explodes immediately upon impact for a significantly speedier effect; there is no fuse timer. Additionally, the EMP burst's radius is lower, making it much more crucial to identify challenging Kaid Electroclaw locations in order to succeed. More Operators will be able to deal with electrified barricades and other electrically driven Defender equipment thanks to this device.

Gameplay Updates

A number of gameplay modifications are being implemented as part of Operation Brutal Swarm, including updates to the map ban system and tactical map that will help your team strategize. The match replay function now allows players to report cheats, and abusive text chat will result in a new reputation penalty.

All players will be able to personalise their loadout to a greater extent now that weapon attachments are more evenly distributed across various weapon classes, and PC users will notice some modifications to the recoil mechanism that primarily affect prolonged weapons fire. Spend some time on the Shooting Range to familiarise yourself with the modifications because the effects of the attachments have been changed (including the elimination of the damage penalty for suppressors).

Two significant gadget changes will also result from a mid-season Operator balancing update: Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb will affect dead players who are using cameras in Support Mode, and players wearing Rook's armour plates will be able to use the Withstand ability to recover from being down but not out.

On August 22, the PC Test Server will be playable for Operation Brutal Swarm, with the full season launching on September 6. The PC version of Rainbow Six Siege, along with versions for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Stadia, are both now accessible through the Ubisoft Store and a Ubisoft+ membership. Learn how to get free Rainbow Six Siege Operators with the Squad Up Reactivation Program and catch up on the current season with our Operation Vector Glare Operator and Gadget Guide.

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