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The song Raga Rock inspired by a story about Lord Krishna

The story of Raga Rock

Raga Rock is based around the story of Lord Krishna, the Gopi girls and the Rasa LIla dance. In the Hindu religion there is a story about how Krishna played his flute and enchanted all the Gopi cow-herd girls. He split himself into multiple bodies so he could dance with each one.

This story reminded me of the song Lord of the Dance, which is about Jesus and refers to the never-ending dance of life and the spirit.

The song was included on my album Dive In Deep, which was re-released on Alan Craw's DMMG Records after being a best-seller on Mick Magic's Music and Elsewhere tape label back in the nineties when it was released as a cassette album.

Gopi Girls

Lord Krishna and Gopi girls

Lord Krishna and Gopi girls

YouBloom Music Awards

I already have a song entitled Girl Singer that is through to the next quarter finals of the YouBloom Music Awards but wanted to get some more publicity for Raga Rock so entered it too.

Raga Rock was recorded with the help of Ian Wallace who produced the song back in the Soundspace Studios in Cardiff in the nineties. I was really hoping to be able to add some sitar to the instrumentation at the time but this wasn't possible. However, the song was written and played on an open-tuned guitar that I thought gave an Indian feel to the melody. I also played penny whistle.

Lord Krishna

Besides making reference to the story about Lord Krishna and the Gopis the song is really just asking for a sharing of the cultures of the East and West in a friendly way. "Everybody's dancing to the Raga Rock."

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The YouBloom Music Awards is an ongoing song contest with a cash prize of €10,000 for the winner as well as other prizes on offer. Bob Geldof and a team of music industry celebrity judges listen to all songs that reach the semi finals. I am proud to say that last summer I got this far with my song Manana and am hoping to get further in the competition this year, hopefully all the way this time!

Raga Rock HD video by Arjun Porwal


Arjuna and Lord Krishna

Arjuna and Lord Krishna

Arjun Porwal is a hit on Fiverr

I decided to give Raga Rock a new lease of life as well as entering it in the YouBloom Music Awards so have called upon the services of Arjun Porwal whom I have recently befriended and interviewed for HubPages.

Arjun produces videos featuring himself as a Bollywood-style actor if that is what you desire. He is from Agra in India and can film videos at authentic Indian locations. He did another promotional video for me from the Taj Mahal.

Arjun sells his services through the fiverr website and is hoping to be a professional actor one day. I think he has the talent to do so. In this video promoting Raga Rock, Arjun is appropriately dressed in Indian attire and he sings the chorus lines from my song.

Arjun's name, by the way, is very similar to Arjuna, who was a very great warrior, archer and disciple of Lord Krishna who instructed him in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna is an important character in the Vedic epic known as the Mahabharata. I came across the stories about Krishna, the Gopis and Arjuna back in the 1970s when I became interested in the Hindu religion and found out a lot about it from devotees in the Hare Krishna Temple. I was actually a subscriber to the F.O.L.K ("Friends of Lord Krishna") magazine for some years.

The TRUTH about the Taj Mahal

© 2012 Steve Andrews

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