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ROM the Spaceknight


Where it all began

What began as a toy created by Scott Dankman, Richard Levy and Brian McCoy for Parker Brothers, soon became so much more, but then he disappeared, and despite some attempts, has never had his chance in other media beyond the pages of Marvel and IDW comics. ROM The Spaceknight was created by Parker Brothers, a space toy to combat the sales of Star Wars toys. From there he was licensed to Marvel Comics, and his journey among the cosmos began.



A resident of Galador, ROM joined the Spaceknight program to protect the planet from the shapeshifters known as Dire Wraiths who were destroying everything. ROM ended up with 75 issues at Marvel Comics, fighting alongside all the Marvel heroes.

From Marvel to IDW

The character license expired at Marvel, and it reverted to IDW, where he remained in limbo for a long time, until 2016. In May of that year IDW licensed the character from Hasbro, after the Marvel deal had expired and they launched a new series for the character. The series saw very good success and was used again in the Transformers comics as well. In 2019, a new series called ROM Dire Wraiths was announced. The Dire Wraiths are the central villain to ROM, and the ones who destroyed his home.

The Future of ROM

While nobody knows for sure what will happen with this character, it is listed on the Hasbro slate of upcoming media related projects, now there are no guarantees it will be a movie, or an animated series, it might just be more comics, or new toys. I have hope for this character, I've grown to love this character, and I want to see it get the spotlight, and be presented to a whole new audience who may not remember ROM, or may not be familiar with ROM.

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Not using ROM seems like a missed opportunity

What started as a toy, and ended up in the Marvel Universe, and then in the IDW universe ….. Now sits again, in limbo, his name is listed for upcoming Hasbro projects. This character has potential to the gills, and I know if it’s ever made, it will exist in a massive universe of other Hasbro characters. If we never get a movie or series for this character, it will honestly be a massive missed opportunity, anyone who remembers this character shares the sentiment of loving it, and wanting to see it in more mediums.

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