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'Pyewacket' Movie Review - Welcome to the Jungle

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Cast - Laurie Holden, Nicole Muñoz

Directed By - Adam MacDonald

Genre - Horror

Pyewacket is a horror-thriller film directed by Adam MacDonald and stars Laurie Holden and Nicole as mother and daughter respectively. The story is about Leah (Nicole Muñoz), who has three friends, one of which is her boyfriend named Aaron (Eric Osborne). There is another friend of hers who wears makeup like Harley Quinn and, like any teenage girl, likes hanging around with them until one day her mother decides to shift somewhere deep into a house in the woods along with her. She becomes frustrated by her mother's decisions, and as she has a particular liking towards the occult and witchcraft, she summons a demonic creature named Pyewacket but soon regrets her decision.

Now, this is not your typical horror film which has loads of jump scares and some girls in shorts dancing and having sex unnecessarily in the movie. This one relies on its eerie atmosphere to deliver scares and sometimes it makes you feel uneasy. The wide angle shots of the forest have some creepiness to it and can give you goosebumps. Pyewacket does have some jump scares, but most of the time they are not false jump scares. A scene really started creeping me out but it turned out to be a stupid prank by her friends, and it made me roll my eyes, I mean seriously. This is also a slow burner film; it takes its time to build the atmosphere and introduce the horror elements. What I liked the most about this film is that at its core, it has a beautiful story which focusses on the relationship between a mother and a daughter. It's not all about just the ghost and occult, it tries to tell the relationship between the mother and daughter, and I genuinely found it fascinating.

The one major problem that every horror film faces is the revelation of the ghost in the film. In Pyewacket, the revelation doesn't give you any significant creeps and chills, and that is my only issue with the film.

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Coming to the performances, Laurie Holden is terrific in the film, and you may also recognise her from the hit AMC show The Walking Dead where she played the character of Andrea. Nicole Muñoz is good in the film and is capable of giving excellent performances if offered more challenging roles. Eric Osborne doesn't have much to do, but he also gives a nice performance when on screen.
In the end, Pyewacket is a creepy, suspenseful and scary trip to the jungle and fans of the horror genre should give it a try, especially if you like films which rely more on a meaningful plot and frightening atmosphere instead of unimaginative jump scares.

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