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Pusha T’s “it’s Almost Dry” Album Review

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"It's almost dry" album cover art

"It's almost dry" album cover art

Album Review

I have never been a huge fan of Pusha until recently due to the prevailing idea that the entirety of his bars revolved around coke dealing. I went along with that narrative until I stumbled upon a tweet praising his 2018 album Daytona, as being one of the best rap albums of that year, so I decided to give it a listen and since then I’ve been a hardcore fan. The reason for this? His bar delivery is probably one of the best in hip-hop and the fact that he can scribble down elite bars, so what’s there not to be a fan of. So forgive me for being over the moon when he announced the release of his fourth studio album, It's Almost Dry when the rap scene in 2022 had been riddled with unmemorable releases. It was a “Pusha, please save us” moment and he certainly did just that with this album.

It’s Almost Dry is everything you would expect from a Push album – Hard-hitting elite coke bars delivered with exquisite flows and backed by immaculate production. His lyricism on this album is something to fawn about as he extends his repertoire of cocaine metaphors on this album with bars such as “If kilogram is the groove / I done sold the golden goose / I got ‘em, baby, I’m Jim Perdue / Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss”, “Then I’ma somersault backwards through these chapters / Land in the soft-white, cook it till it’s off-white”, “Imagine hanging on a prayer knowing dope’s in there” and many other creative coke bars littered throughout the entire album. It’s Pusha at his finest, rapping about his reality unapologetically with a confidence and swagger that only a master possesses. I still can't wrap my head around how he still comes up with these new Coke bars after all these years.

"Diet Coke" Official Music Video

A major talking point of every Pusha T album is the exquisite production. Great beat selection has always been a part of Push’s strength, Daytona possessed god-level production from Kanye but Pusha felt a little too comfortable with the beats and he rode on the beats seamlessly without ever pushing his flow and delivery but on It’s Almost Dry, he takes it up a notch by recruiting two of the best producers of all time, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams and additional producers such as Labrinth, 88-Keyz, FNZ and BoogzDAbeast and, the result is a glorious body of work. The collaboration of these two elite producers helps push Pusha’s delivery, flow, and timing in such a positive way. Pharrell’s work on tracks especially “Let the smokers shine the coupes”, and “Open Air” lets Pusha flow in a way I have never heard him before. Let me add that it seems the collaboration between Pharrell and Kanye was more of a competitive than collaborative one as they strove to bring the best out of each other on each of the tracks produced.

It’s Almost Dry also has some great guest features. Jay-Z rode the beat of “Neck & Wrist”, replied to his critics, and served us some triple entendres, it’s probably his best verse I’ve heard in a while. Kanye West also featured on tracks such as “Dreaming of the past” and “Rock N Roll” but I felt his verses were underwhelming as he continued to rap about his recent struggles with divorce and his estranged ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Pharrell William’s hook on “Neck & Wrist” was quite decent and made one of the best tracks on the album. Kid Cudi did justice to “Rock N Roll” with his hums while Lil Uzi Vert and Don Toliver injected new school trap energy on “Scrape It off the top” although the track seemed a little bit out of place on the album. Labrinth delivered the best hook on the album on “I Pray For You” with Malice delivering one hell of a verse towards the end of the same track. The guest features did a decent job in pushing Pusha’s vision except for Kanye with his underwhelming verses although he did an amazing job in the album’s production.

Pusha’s fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry is another feather in the cap for him as he continues his perfect album run, it is even better as it is more sonically cohesive than its predecessors. It is everything you would expect from an elite lyricist like Pusha. Here he is sticking to his never-failing formula and reestablishing himself as the king of coke rap. Although there are some corny lines such as the J.Cole reference, Its Almost Dry sees Pusha doing what he does best second to selling coke, rapping about it!

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Essential Tracks: “Neck & Wrist”, “Rock N Roll”, “Diet Coke”, and “I Pray For You”.

You can purchase the album on Amazon here – It’s Almost Dry.

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