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Punar Vivaah - Hindi TV Serial Story and Review

Punar Vivaah on Zee TV - A Story of Love after re-marriage

Punar Vivaah is an Indian Soap Opera telecasted on Zee TV Monday to Friday at 10:30 to 11 PM. The Producers of the Serial are Shashi Mittal and Sumeet H Mittal who are also producers of the popular show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ on Star plus Channel. The writers of the show are Shobit Jaiswal and Seema Mitra. The Soap is directed by Hemant R Prabhu. The main protagonists of the Show are Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar who plays the characters of Yash Sindhiya and Aarti (Arpita). The male protagonist Gurmeet Choudhary was last seen in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi on Star One as Maan Singh Khurana. Kratika Sengar’s last serial was Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV where she portrayed the title role of Laxmi. The supporting cast of the Serial are Dishank Arora (Pratiek), Leena Jumani (Paridhi), Zahida Parveen (Gayatri ), Chetan Pandit (Suraj Pratap Sindhiya), Samragyi Nema (Vidhi), Rakesh Kukreti (Pankaj Suraj Sindhiya), Sarwar Ahuja (Prashant), Shweta Munshi ( Arpita), Amit Singh Thakur (Satyendra Dubey ), Pankhuri Jain (Mansi) and Geeta Tyagi (Shoba). This Serial started on February 20, 2012 and has completed 40 episodes as on 13th April 2012.

Punar Vivaah is a love story with a difference. It narrates the story of a couple who re-marry for the sake of the children while they are still in love with their Ex’s. While Yash Sindhya who is a Wedding Planner wanted a Mother for his daughters Palak and Payal, Aarti wanted a Father for her son Ansh. Yash’s wife Arpita (Shweta Munshi) is dead while Aarti’s Husband Prashant (Sarwar Ahuja) left her for another woman. Yash and Aarti idolize their Ex’s and cannot think of anyone else replacing them but give into parental pressure for the sake of the children. The meaning of the Hindi word ‘Punar Vivah’ is re-marriage.

Punar Vivaah tells the story of Yash and Aarti's life after second marriage. What would happen to these heartbroken individuals for whom life has given a second chance? Will Yash and Aarti fall in love with each other? Will Aarti be a good mother for Yash’s kids? Will their children accept each other? Will they manage to create a happy family? Given below is a short narration of the Story till now.

The Serial Punar Vivaah on Zee TV tells the story of a marriage of convenience between the main protagonists Aarti (Kratika Sengar) and Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) for the sake of their children.

The Serial Punar Vivaah on Zee TV tells the story of a marriage of convenience between the main protagonists Aarti (Kratika Sengar) and Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) for the sake of their children.

Cast and Characters of Punar Vivaah

Cast and Characters of Punar Vivaah telecasted on Zee Channel at 10:30 PM on Monday to Friday.


Gurmeet Choudhary

Yash Sindhiya

Aarti's Husband

Kratika Sengar


Yash's Wife

Shweta Munshi


Yash's dead first wife

Sarwar Ahuja

Prashant Dubey

Aarti's first Husband

Dishank Arora

Pratik Sindhiya

Yash's younger Brother

Rakesh Kukreti

Pankaj Sindhiya

Yash's elder Brother

Chetan Pandit

Suraj Pratap Sindhiya

Yash's Father

Zahida Parveen


Yash's Mother

Amit Singh Thakur

Satyendra Dubey

Aarti's first father in law

Geeta Tyagi


Aarti's first mother in law

Pankhuri Jain


Aarti's friend

Leena Jumani


Pratik's Wife

Samragyi Nema


Pankaj's Wife

Punar Vivaah - Story till now

Given below is a short written update of the story till now.

The story opens with Aarti dancing at the sangeet ceremony of her friend Mansi. Aarti is a divorcee who lives with her son Ansh and in-laws Shobha and Satyendra Dubey for whom she is like a daughter. At the Ceremony, one woman gets impressed by Aarti and decides to make her the bride for her son. But when the woman finds that Aarti is a divorcee, she insults Aarti for deceiving her and curses her that she will never get married again. Seeing this, Aarti’s mother-in- vows to get Aarti re-married. Mansi consoles Aarti and takes her along with her. On their way Yash who is the wedding planner makes the flowers fall on Aarti by mistake. Yash is a widower with twin daughters Payal and Palak, living in a joint family with mother Gayatri, father Mr.Sindhia, elder brother Pankaj, sister-in-law Vidhi and younger brother Pratik. Despite of compulsions from the families, Yash and Aarti refuses to re-marry. After meeting Aarti in two different occasions, Yash’s brother Pratik is convinced that she would be a match for his brother. Yash’s mother approaches Aarti’s in-laws with the proposal. She tells them that she wants a widow for her son. Aarti’s in-laws hide the truth of Aarti being a divorcee. Yash’s mother also puts the condition that Aarti should not bring her son Ansh with her after marriage. Aarti refuses the proposal when she hears her in-laws talking about it. Yash and his father also finds the condition put by Gayatri unacceptable and asks her to inform Aarti’s in-laws that they are willing to accept Aarti without any such conditions. Gayatri calls Shobha and asks her to fix the engagement date. Yash accepts the marriage half heartedly as his brother has vowed not to marry till he gets married. He also hopes that by marrying, his daughters Payal and Palak would get a mother. Aarti too accepts the marriage so that she can give a father to her son Ansh. Ansh is happy with the idea of getting a new father, but Yash’s daughters are convinced that step mothers are cruel. Pratik shares the good news of Yash agreeing to marry to his girlfriend Paridhi. Paridhi is happy hearing the news as they now do not need to wait any more for getting married. WhenAarti informs Mansi that she has accepted the proposal, Mansi tells her that marriage is all about physical intimacy between the husband and wife. Aarti disagrees with Mansi. During the engagement ceremony and afterwards, many incidents happen which convinces Aarti that Yash is interested to establish physical relationship with her. She decides to clarify to Yash that her acceptance for marriage was only to give a father for her son. Yash too decides to clarify with Aarti that his only intention for marrying is for his daughters. Yash’s family decides to conduct the marriages of Yash and Pratiek together. Yash's aunt gets jealous of Aarti who is getting a chance of re-marriage while her own family has not thought of getting her married after she became a widow.

Yash and his daughters reach the same shopping complex gaming zone where Aarti comes with her son Ansh. While both the Parents are out, Ansh gets into a fight with Yash’s daughters. He threatens them to call his new father while Yash’s daughters tell that they will call their father. Aarti bumps into Yash outside the gaming zone. They both are surprised to see each other. They rush into the gaming zone to see the children fighting. Ansh is happy seeing Yash and complaints to him. Palak and Payal get angry at Ansh and accuse him of lying that Yash is his father. Aarti pacifies Palak and Payal and makes them understand that Yash would soon become Ansh's father too. She also tells them that she would be their new mother soon.

Yash’s Parents are unhappy with Paridhi's parent’s behavior when they arrive with shagun for Pratik. Vidhi reaches the Dubey Residence with shagun for Aarti. When Aarti and Ansh return home, they are surprised to see the gift boxes. Aarti is shocked when she sees the wedding card on which the date of marriage is mentioned as April 2, the same day on which she married her first husband Prashant. However, Shobha pacifies her and asks her to start a new life with Yash by forgetting the past.

Satyendra and Shobha try to inform Aarti that they had told Sindhia family that she was a widow and not a divorcee. But one thing or the other happens in between. The family leaves for the pre-wedding rituals and Shobha decides to reveal the truth to Aarti at the venue. But before she could reveal the truth, Yash's aunt arrives and summons Aarti for the function. Aarti and Yash perform their pre-wedding rituals. Aarti is upset seeing that Satyendra has spent a lot of money on her marriage without thinking of his own future. Gayatri stops Shobha when she is about to apply haldi on Aarti and tells the right of first putting the haldi on her is that of Arpita’s mother.

Arpita's mother surprises Aarti by gifting her bangles which belonged to Arpita. Aarti is shocked when Arpita’s mother addresses her as Arpita. Gayatri informs that hereafter Aarti would be known as Arpita as she is taking Arpita’s place in Yash’s life. Aarti is furious hearing about her name changing. Yash also tells his first in-laws and Parents that just by changing Aarti's name to Arpita, she would never be able to take Arpita's position in his life. When pressurized, he unhappily accepts their decision of changing Aarti’s name. Shobha arrives along with Aarti and requests Gayatri not to change Aarti's name as it is her identity. Suraj Pratap intervenes and refuses to accept Shobha's requests. Aarti is unhappy hearing that her kanyadaan (bride giving away ceremony) also would be performed by Arpita’s Parents.

Mansi and Paridhi convinces Aarti to gate crash along with them into Pratik’s and Yash’s Bachelor Party as they are bringing in some female dancer to the party. Aarti is left shocked when she sees Yash dancing with the female dancer. The Brothers are shocked to see Aarti and Paridhi. Pankaj stops the music but Paridhi tells him to play the music so that they also can dance. Aarti gets further convinced that Yash is interested in physical intimacy with her when he lifts her in his arms and carries her out of the party room after the knot on her skirt opens. Yash fears that Aarti must have misunderstood and decides to talk to her to clear her misunderstandings but fails.

Aarti’s first Husband Prashant calls her up and asks her to meet at the temple where they used to meet before their marriage. Aarti reaches the temple and looks for Prashant. Prasant collides into Yash who also comes to the temple. While Prasant walks into the temple to meet Aarti, Yash looks at his and Arpita's name inscribed on one of the walls outside the temple. Aarti pleads with Prasanth to give a chance to their relationship. Prasanth refuses telling that he is happy with his woman. He tells her that he is happy that Aarti has found someone too. He asks her for a favor of getting him united with his aged Parents. He tells her that his Business is not doing well and by re-uniting he would have a roof to live on and his Parents would have someone to look after them after Aarti leaves them.

Yash gets emotional seeing the inscription on the wall and asks his dead wife to give a sign that he is doing the right thing. Suddenly Yash sees Aarti and Prashant's name inscribed on another wall. When Aarti pleads again not to leave her and Ansh, Prashant gets angry and leaves. Aarti tries to stop him and faints. Arpita’s bangle falls from her hand and falls near Yash. Yash recognizes Arpita's bangle and rushes to the temple. He gets Aarti back to the wedding venue.

During the sangeet ceremony, Pratik and Paridhi perform a skit, dedicating it to Yash and Aarti. In the skit, Pratik and Paridhi describe Aarti and Yash's past with their respective partners and their decision to re-marry after the death of their spouses. After the skit, Aarti meets Shobha and Satyendra and tells them that the Sindhia family believes her to be a widow. She decides to clear the misunderstanding by talking to Yash. Though Yash picks up the call, Satyendra pulls out the phone wire before Aarti speaks. Satyendra asks Aarti to make up her mind to get married to Yash. He asks Shobha to follow him outside and leave Aarti alone. When Aarti does not come down for the marriage, Yash offers to go and get her personally. Yash finds her in the room dressed in bridal attire. He asks Aarti if she wanted to speak anything to him. Before Aarti could reveal the truth, Vidhi intervenes and tells Yash that as per the customs he should not talk to his Bride before they get married. When pandit calls Aarti's parents to perform her kanyadaan, Arpita's mother asks Shobha and Satyendra to go ahead and perform the ritual. Aarti and Yash perform their wedding rituals. Pratik and Paridhi too perform their wedding rituals. After marriage, Aarti and Yash seek Shobha and Satyendra's blessings. While Yash is talking to someone else, Aarti asks Satyendra how she can be happy as her relationship based on a lie.

Gayatri is upset seeing Aarti’s attachment to her son Ansh. Yash’s aunt also adds fuel to the fire. Gayatri tells Shoba that they would only take Aarti with them after the bidaai and would take Ansh after 10-15 days. Shobha gets worried but Satyendra agrees to Gayatri's decision. After Gayatri leaves, Shobha confronts Satyendra and reminds him that Aarti agreed for the marriage only for the sake of Ansh. Aarti is heartbroken and asks Ansh to stay with his grandparents for some days. When Yash find out, he intervenes and tells that Ansh would accompany them to Sindhia Mansion. During the grah pravesh ceremony, Gayatri asks Aarti to leave her palms imprint on top of that of Arpita as she is taking her place. Yash is shattered hearing it but is relieved to see that Aarti lefts the imprint of her palms next to Arpita's imprints. Gayatri gets furious seeing this. Paridhi too performs the ritual half heartedly worrying that her manicured hands would get dirty. Vidhi asks Aarti to knock the kalash filled with rice and enter the house. But Ansh comes there and tells his mother that he I feeling sleepy and asks her to lift him in her arms. Aart knocks the kalash carrying Ansh and enters the house. When Paridhi is asked to knock the kalash, she kicks it as if it is a football.

During one of the post wedding rituals, Vidhi asks Aarti and Yash to find a ring from a vessel filled with milk. Ansh intervenes and tells them that he also wants to play the game. Yash’s daughter too tells that she wants to play if he is playing. The elders allow them to play. Paridhi is happy when she finds the ring and tells that she would rule over Pratik. The Brothers next perform the ritual of carrying their brides in their arms to their bedrooms. At the bedroom, Yash closes the door so that he could reveal his intentions for marriage to Aarti. Aarti misunderstands him again. While Yash plans to tell Aarti that he had married her only for the sake of his daughters, Aarti too decides to tell Yash that she had remarried only for the sake of Ansh's happiness. Aarti stumbles and falls on Yash. Suddenly romantic songs start playing in the room. Because of Pratik’s efforts to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, Aarti misunderstands Yash seeing the lingerie and condom packet kept in the room. Pratik knocks at the door and asks Yash if he finds the arrangements satisfactory. Yash summons Pratik inside and scolds him. He tells Pratik that he did not marry Aarti to fulfill his personal needs but because Pratik had vowed that he would not marry until Yash agrees to get remarried. He further confesses that he would never be able to forget Arpita but agreed to remarriage as his daughters would need a mother when they grow up. Aarti is relieved hearing it and blames Mansi in her mind. Yash tells that he does not expect anything from Aarti except providing mother’s love to his daughters. Pratik apologizes to Yash and Aarti and leaves from there. Aarti feels guilty of doubting Yash and decides to apologize to him.

What makes Punar Vivaah Serial interesting?

Punar Vivaah is based on the Arranged Marriages system in India. But what makes this serial special is that despite of being a daughter in law; Aarti’s in-laws consider her as a daughter and decide to get her married to an eligible guy for the sake of her happiness. In India, many parents refuse to get their widowed or divorced daughters re-married again. Many Parents, blame the failure of a first marriage/ death of a spouse as fate/destiny forcing their daughters to live a life of distress. When a woman divorces her husband, often people consider it as the fault of the woman even when the man is at fault for the break up.

Punar Vivah is about a couple getting married for the sake of their children but falling in love later. Though I am against starting a marriage based on lies that is what may parents do to get their sons or daughters married. Sometimes, Parents go to the extent of blackmailing the children to get them married to the groom/bride of their choice. Also, I find it wrong to get married when one is still in love with the Ex, but that is what many men and women do. Some find happiness in their marriages, while some end up making their life worse than it was before.

Everyone deserves a second chance to happiness. Now that Yash and Aarti have opted for re-marriage for the sake of their children, will they manage to create a happy family for their children? Will Yash turn to be a good father for Aarti’s son Ansh? Can their sexless marriage survive? To know, watch Punar Vivaah on Zee TV Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM.

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sweta limbade on July 02, 2012:

i really liked script and story and mostly like gurmeet and kratika role very strong social tragedy story i liked serial punurvivah

rock punurvivah

navya on June 02, 2012:

i really loved it......pratik is my best in the serial.....the love story betweeen sri rama and jansi ki rani is marvelous.......i m very much excited to see my favourite hero and heroin paired up in an wonderful new story which gives me lots of u yash n arti

mounica on May 26, 2012:

i like serial very much this show is awesome aarti ur action is marvelous

Phalguni Kodukula on May 01, 2012:


hirshita sharma on April 29, 2012:

this show is rock.

Sinu on April 24, 2012:

I really like

Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on April 22, 2012:

I have Hindi soaps, but can't avoid though. My mother and sisters are addicted to Star Plus and Sonny, and who knows what.

They will be definitely watching this serial.

Chinemere onuekwusi on April 16, 2012:

This is a superlative review, I feel like I'm watching this serial already while reading this.

Thanks as always, another vote up for this well written content

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