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Ptosha Storey: Getting to Know the Controversial Actress

Ptasha Storey received her first Daytime Emmy Nomination

Ptasha Storey received her first Daytime Emmy Nomination

A busy actress

Actress, Ptasha Storey is a busy woman who was born and raised in Dajjs Texas, and graduated from Booker T Washington High School or the Performing and Visual Arts. She also attended Southern Methodist University. Her son, Jordan L. Jones is also an actor who starred in the Fox sitcom Rel n 2018.. Storey began acting in the theater and her credits include Raisin in the Sun. Strong Medicine, and Wishbone. She started her career in television in the 1990s, with a secondary role in the 1996 TV film The Road to Galveston. She has guest-starred on episodes of Strong medicine, Numb3rs, and Wishbone. In 2016, Storey was cast in a recurring role in the OWN network's prime-time soap opera, If Loving You is Wrong. She also had a recurring role in the Fox prime-time series Empire. Some of Storey's characters have been described as strong-willed, controlling, self-righteous, and bitchy. She usually plays the woman that everyone loves to hate.In 2018, she was in the film Acrimony, and in 2019 she began appearing in the BET primetime series The Oval. In December 2020, she joined the cast of CBS daytime drama, The Young and the Restless portraying Naya Benedict whose filled with drama and intrigue. It is so fascinating that it would have made several great storylines but it all took place off-screen. For this role the actress received her first nomination for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series. Naya is a complex, controversial character that many "Y&R fans said they did not like.

All about Naya

Naya Benedict was a recurring role that Storey originated on The Young and the Restless for 34 episodes. She has a fascinating backstory that really should have taken place on-screen. The character of Nayawas born Naya Ames, and her father Sutton Amess (Jack Landron) was a wealthy, very strict Christian man. While Naya was in college, she dated Richard Nealson and became pregnant with twin daughters. Sutton was a Politician, who was concerned about his family's image. He took drastic measures to ensure no one ever found out his daughter was an unwed mother. He forced Naya to give up her daughters, to cousin Rose Turner who could not afford to care for two children. Rose decided to keep Hilary (Curtis), and left Amanda (Sinclair0 (both portrayed by Mishael Morgan) t on the doorstep of a fire station. Sutton and his wife paid Rose for taking care of Hilary but cut off all contact with her, as a way to protect the family image. Meanwhile, Amanda grew up in Foster care. Naya was ashamed of what she had done but went along with her parents' decision. Richard soon died in a car crash, and Naya graduated college. She went to work for Sutton and met her future husband but never told him of her past..She became Naya Benedict and gave birth to a daughter Imani Benedict who is being portrayed by Leigh-Ann Rose.

Sutton Ames, Amanda Sinclair. Imani Benedict, Naya Benedict

Sutton Ames, Amanda Sinclair. Imani Benedict, Naya Benedict

A complex woman

Naya came to Genoa City after Amanda contacted her when she was looking for her birth motherand proved herself to be a complex woman.Her attitude led Imani to get a restraining order against Amanda. It later came out that Sutton had been keeping tabs on his granddaughter and her law career for years. She was stunned to learn that Hilary (also portrayed by Morgan) had died in a car accident. Naya was secretive and battled Imani and Amanda as she tried to prevent them from investigating Richard's accident as a murder. She lied and schemed as she attempted to protect Sutton from being charged with causing Richard's car crash. Eventually, Sutton was indicted and Naya made peace with her daughters and left town. The Young and the Restless viewers overwhelmingly dislike Ms. Benedict but she might return to Genoa City someday. Be on the lookout for Y&R spoilers and updates.Congratulations to Ptosha Storey on her first Daytime Emmy Nomination. The 49th Award Ceremony will be held on June 24th 2022 at 9:00 PM ET on CBS and also streaming on Paramount+

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