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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Had Three Nannies for Archie

Margaret Minnicks is an online writer who writes about the royal family.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are hands-on parents to their son Archie. Even so, they need help caring for their first child. They need to leave him in safe hands when they are both out of the house at the same time when they are on royal duties.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie was born on May 6, 2019. He is now almost five months old. During that short period of time, the Duke and Duchess have had three different nannies at separate times. Why so many nannies?

The Three Nannies

It didn't work out with the first nannies. Two of them left on their own. One of them was only a night nanny. Soon after the baby was born, Meghan decided she was getting up throughout the night to nurse Archie anyway. So, a night nanny was not necessary.

Caring for Archie at Home

According to the latest issues of Us Weekly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a relaxed schedule for Archie’s nanny.

At home, the nanny helps care for the baby only during weekdays. She doesn't have to work in the evening and on weekends. Therefore, she is not a live-in nanny. In fact, the royal couple has no live-in staff at Frogmore Cottage. It is their way of having a normal family environment for Archie as much as they can.

Caring for Archie While Traveling to South Africa

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are taking Archie with them on their royal tour to South Africa where they will visit Malawi, Angola, and Botswana. They are paying to take their new nanny with them to care for Archie because there will be places the baby will not be allowed to go.

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Because of vaccination requirements to travel within Africa, Archie will not be able to join his parents on all stops of the tour. He will only be with his parents when they are in the safer parts of South Africa. In fact, Meghan will only visit South Africa. Prince Harry will travel alone to assignments in Malawi, Angola, and Botswana.

Archie’s nanny will be working much more on the royal tour than she does at home in England where she has a limited traditional work schedule only on weekdays at Frogmore Cottage, She is expected to have a bigger role as a nanny on the South African tour.

This will be the first official royal tour as a family. Since 5-months-old Archie will be with them, they will need additional help caring for him.


Prince Harry's Reaction

Prince Harry has a love for Africa. He first visited the continent when he was only 13 years old. He has taken Meghan to Africa a couple of times, but she has never been to South Africa. Prince Harry said he is excited to introduce his wife and son to South Africa.

Updates Expected

Buckingham Palace is expected to keep the public updated on the royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Archie. Many details were reported daily when Prince Harry and Meghan went on their first royal tour as a married couple last October when Meghan was pregnant at the time.

Youngest Royal to Travel Overseas

Archie will be one of the youngest royals to travel on an official trip overseas. He will be in the safe hands of his nanny when he is not with his parents.

When Prince George was nine months old, he traveled with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their official tour to New Zealand and Australia. Prince William and Kate Middleton gave Prince Harry and Meghan some good advice about being on a royal tour with a baby. They advised them to establish a base when they can commute from one place to another rather than spending nights in different countries.

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