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Prey (2022) - Review

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Prey (2022) - Launched in the UK Exclusively On Disney+ On the 5th August,  Being Quickly Deemed the Best Predator Movie Since the Original Predator Movie Which Released in 1987.

Prey (2022) - Launched in the UK Exclusively On Disney+ On the 5th August, Being Quickly Deemed the Best Predator Movie Since the Original Predator Movie Which Released in 1987.

Prey (2022) - "The Best Predator Movie Since the 80s. Possibly Even the Best Predator Movie, Period."

Prey (2022) launched on the 5th August on the Disney+ streaming service here in the UK, available to all subscribers as part of their offerings, and boy does it deliver on the predator goodies.

1987's "Predator" movie is a classic in its own right, and for good reason, it's a great movie - but, it's 2022 now, and it's time to freshen up the Predator franchise, bringing in the modern audiences, and where Predator sequels have failed to please in the past, this prequel turns the whole failure pathway on its head and shows that sometimes a prequel (rather than a sequel) is the way to move forward.

Modern Predator movies have been lacklustre, and at times outright laughable in their inception, but Prey shares none of these lame characteristics, and instead opts to make its own mark in a different time era in human history, forcing audiences to truly rethink the Predator formula. There are no cheap laughs in Prey like there was in 2016's "The Predator", or lame attempts at recreating the original Predator like with 2010's "Predators", but it instead treads its own path and learns some new tricks to pull off an unforeseen Predator movie.

Native Americans was an interesting basis to form the Prey movie around the Predator franchise, as the Native Indians truly lived and fought like the 'predator', hunting and living off the land, fighting for survival, and honestly living for the hunt.

The feral predator, which is the 'predator' that we follow throughout the movie, Prey, is a formidable 'predator', similar in lots of ways to the 'hunter predator' that we saw in the 1987 Predator movie, but with some subtle differences - as he now has a skull-like mask, a laser shooting spike, and is taller in stature, and has extremely powerful strength.

The story follows a young native American girl, Naru, who is learning to become a fully-fledged hunter like her brother, Taabe, but lacks the mental strength to pull the trigger on her kills.

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Naru has a close bond with her brother, Taabe, and also has a close friend, her dog who plays a large part in her activities as a tracker and a hunter. She is extremely accurate with her throwing axe, bow and arrow, and has the intellect to truly think through situations, making her the perfect tracker.

The 'feral Predator' somehow lands into the wilderness close-by to where Naru and her dog were hunting, causing her to become conscious that something is not right and there is a bigger danger out there than perhaps a bear even. Naru's brother and the rest of the clan ignore Naru and her fears of a large predator of some kind, and instead opt to act out as though all they are threatened by are big cats and bears, but it isn't long before things become much more unforeseen and dangerous.

It is Naru who first comes into contact with the 'feral predator', seeing the mighty 'predator' species, and witnesses him throwing a fully grown grizzly bear around like a rag doll, and escapes barely with her own life.

Things soon become bloody, as the 'feral predator' starts hunting anything and anyone who has a deadly intent to cause harm, effectively hunting the hunters. Naru has a real fighting spirit, and thinks through her hunts with the tightest efficiencies, making the 'feral predator' hunt her whilst she finds unique ways to get an advantage over the alien species.

"Prey" is truly a masterpiece, well worth owning on physical media (here's to hoping one day it happens, as is currently only accessible through the Disney+ streaming platform). As far as entertainment goes this has the most bloody action out of all the Predator franchise movies, as well as having a lot of heart, unlike with most of the rest of the franchise as a whole.

Naru is the perfect protagonist, truly becoming the hunter she has always wanted to be throughout this movie. The 'feral predator' is a new edition to the Predator franchise, and has quickly become a favourite of mine, having a simpler, but still deadly set of tools to kill all his foes with.

The movie truly feels as though it completely engulfs its time era with great effect, having a lot of different hunter parties surrounding the area where our Predator is hunting, and soon makes lunch-meat out of his opposition with great ease.

To sum up, "Prey" is the greatest movie of 2022 so far, and a personal favourite Predator movie of mine, effectively dethroning 1987's Predator, as Prey simply feels more relevant with today's filming technology, and has a lot more blood, gore, and heart to fill in the blanks. The score today given for 2022's Prey is a 5/5 stars.

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