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Predator: Prey - Early Reviews Speak of Perhaps the Best Predator Ever


All about the movie Predator: Prey

Another diversion that visitors to Comic-Con in San Diego, USA could enjoy was the preview of the film Predator : Prey . Thanks to this, we finally received the first responses. On the one hand, from on-site spectators, but also from film journalists who had seen the film before and now were finally allowed to publish their impressions.

In the flood of responses, I managed to find only one with a slightly negative tone. The viewer complained that the first half of the film is slightly slower. But even according to this user, Prey takes off in the second half and the excellent cut begins. Journalists quite often talk about how the film takes care to flesh out the characters well and then make you care about them when they're in danger. So perhaps the complaint about the alleged "slowness" of the narration is directed in this direction.

Otherwise , Predator: Prey reaps praise exclusively. The fan screening ended with a standing ovation. All reviewers talk about a great experience. Everyone agrees that Prey is the best Predator sequel ever made. And a non-negligible part of the evaluators even talk about the fact that Prey is the best space hunter movie ever made.

Viewers praise that the new movie was obviously shot with filmmaking zeal and a clear vision. There wasn't a situation like Predator: Evolution , where it was obvious at first glance how the film was reshot and recut according to the studio's instructions. We are waiting for a roughly ninety-minute intensive canapé, when director Dan Trachtenberg added at Comic-Con that he was inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road - he also wanted to make a film that would be told mainly through action.

Viewers agree that the film is visually beautifully crafted. He draws us into his environment, where he manages to balance emotions, tension and action very well. They say we will build a relationship with the characters, care about them and learn something about the Comanche culture. Virtually everyone praises Amber Midthunder in the lead role and the development of her character as the warrior Naru.

In the picture, she is the prey of an unstoppable hunter. According to the audience, the entire film is depicted as an exciting struggle for survival. The predator is truly scary, it is truly an instinctive hunter. The event is said to be spoiled and we can expect a very violent and bloody experience. Two intelligent opponents are pitted against each other, trying to outwit each other and avoid making stupid decisions.

The film contains the DNA of previous films and will please rock fans, but at the same time it is not necessary to see a single previous film - Predator: Prey stands completely on its own two feet. Although the novelty captures the spirit of the previous Predators , it is significantly different from them and brings something new. And in the end, it hints at where the series could go next.

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The film takes place 300 years ago and introduces us to the North American Comanches. The protagonist is Naru, a capable warrior who valiantly defends her tribe against a highly evolved alien Predator, one of the first to ever land on Earth . The film was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the screenplay was written by Patrick Aison. It was filmed in Calgary, Canada, Amber Midthunder played the main role. The film will be released on August 5, 2022, here on the Disney+ service .

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