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Possessor Movie Review (2020)

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Engaging Body Horror

Possessor follows an agent for a shady government organization that uses brain implants to possess people and use their bodies to assassinate targets for high-paying clients. The cast includes Holly (Gabrielle Graham), Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough), Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh), and Micheal Vos (Rossif Sutherland).

Possessor is one of the better horror movies within the last two years, with an engaging plot with many twists and makes you want to watch it again. Following a brutal stabbing that happens in a crowded restaurant, we see that the woman was possessed from an implant made by a shady organization. Here we meet the main character Tasya Vos who gets another job. This job seems a lot more complicated but with the high amount of pay and her dedication to her work she accepts it without further question. But this job becomes complicated when the host fights back along with the target initially surviving the attempt on his life.

Throughout this we see that Tasya has been changed by the gruesome acts she has carried out and it has numbed her to the violence altogether. We also witness that normal life with her family seems boring and tedious to her now. By the end of the movie we see that this assassination was a plot to get rid of the last thing Tasya cared about (her family) and in the end, she kills both her husband/child. Even with the realization of this plan, Tasya sticks with the organization not seeming to care about her former life whatsoever. Tasya at this point is cold, uncaring, and not human. She seems more like something resembling a Terminator with no emotions, only caring about the orders given to her.

This movie does not follow a linear plot with many times you are forced to think about what happened. In addition to this, there are some gory kills to add to the run time. Highly recommend watching this at least once.

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Total Score: 9 out of 10

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