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17 Popular News and Politics Channels for Conservative and Libertarian Patriots

Conservative Creators Bring Hard-Hitting Truth

While the battle for the mainstream media space is cluttered with nearly identical opinions and information, there is a need for unique and separate voices. There is always truth going on in the background that takes deep investigative journalism, hours of research, and most of all, guts to bring it to the public. Most of the creators on this list were once on YT, but now can only exist on Rumble and a few other sources. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find patriotic truth-seekers that do the hard work, present the information well, and can keep up in an ever changing news cycle. I have hand selected this group of creators to introduce to you as a great place to start in your quest for conservative and independent information. Below the list, I have seperated them out into three different types of content creators and given a brief description of each, so you'll know a little bit of their background and what to expect.

Profile Pics of Creators on This List of Patriots


Check out These Informed Patriots' Channels

CreatorSiteCurrent Subscriber CountLink

X22 Report



And We Know



Black Conservative Patriot



Praying Medic



Benny Johnson






Rattle Trap 1776



SGT Report



The Mel K Show



Santa Surfing (Beach Broadcast)



Gene Decode



The Charlie Kirk Show



Frequency Wars



Ben Shapiro



Candace Owens



The Epoch Times






Anonymous Conservative Content Creators

These creators want to remain anonymous due to personal safety concerns and present their work mainly in podcast style. The do pepper in graphics, videos and screen clips, so while listenable, there are things to watch too.

  • X22 Report (Dave) - Dave has two daily reports. One on financial news and the other on political and geopolitical news. Both are excellent. He also frequently interviews guests on his Spotlight shows. Well researched and very encouraging style.
  • And We Know (LT) - LT does an amazing job with his video graphic intros and outros! Probably the best out there. Spiritually uplifting, very well researched, entertaining, and overall well done.
  • QNewsPatriot (SG Anon) - SG Anon has excellent deep dive research skills and checks in with someone he calls his "mentor". While he brings very hard hitting insight, he has one of the most soothing voices on the internet and tries to end each show with positivity and encouragement.
  • SGT Report (Sean) - Sean is not afraid to get real, really fast and does lots of interviews with other truth seekers. His information is timely and thought provoking.
  • Santa Surfing - She refers to her subscribers as "surfers" and has a squirrel mascot named "Sammy". She is an amazingly upbeat lady with a huge loving personality. She is a very good researcher and net-worker and has some great insights.
  • Gene Decode - I have never seen this guy or heard his voice. He scours the internet and presents videos made by others (and himself?). I only suggest this channel because it is a great way to stumble on content and sources we'd never otherwise find and begin following ones you like.

Conservative & Passionate Faces You'll Come to Love

  • Praying Medic (Dave) - Dave is one of the calmest guys on the internet. He has really invested in Q research and written a few books. Dave has a military background and has a great knack for decoding and making connections that others can't see immediately.
  • The Mel K Show - Mel is a passionate and well informed New Yorker. She has a trained journalist background and it shows. She does awesome interviews and very deep dives into topics most Americans are oblivious to.
  • Benny Johnson - Benny also has a journalism background and is familiar with the DC scene. He challenges the status quo while presenting important news items. He also does interviews.
  • Rattle Trap 1776 (Derek Johnson) - Derek is a newcomer to the scene. He is a young veteran who knows the military uniform code of justice, the Constitution, and many Presidential Executive orders and how all these things play out together. He is rocking the Patriot world by shining a light on what's right in front of us that we didn't even see!
  • The Black Conservative Patriot (James) - James (aka BCP) has a couple channels on and off YouTube. Because his main show is on YT, he still has to dance around with his words, but he discusses topics that Conservatives and Libertarians need to know and breaks news with a couple shows daily.
  • Frequency Wars - Great weekly talk show/interview based show on UI media network, tackling important topics, usually one per video. It will challenge your current perceptions!
  • Redacted (with Natalie & Clayton Morris) - This couple has a talk show/60 minutes style show discussing important news issues of the day. It's a bit slower than other shows, but makes the content easier for some to digest.
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Conservative Giants - Names You May Already Know

  • The Charlie Kirk Show - Charlie is the founder of Turning Point USA, which is a conservative national student movement which has over 250,000 student members. He does a radio show found on Salem Radio Network, and a podcast. He has written three books, was the youngest speaker at the 2016 RNC and the opening speaker at the 2020 RNC. He is a rising star in conservative circles.
  • Ben Shapiro - Ben is a no-nonsense young Jewish man; he's a hard hitting conservative, lawyer, political commentator, and author. Often seen on college campuses debating liberals and putting them to shame with sound logic, Ben runs circles around his opposition. He is also a part of the Daily Wire network which has extra paid content.
  • Candace Owens - Candace is a conservative author and activist, who is also a part of the Daily Wire. She is an amazing, quick witted, intelligent women who is not afraid to play with the big boys in media. She does all kinds of journalism; on the ground or in the studio, Candace kicks butt and takes names as she exposes corruption and evil.
  • The Epoch Times - A completely INDEPENDENT news outlet, that presents news and a full complement of topics from America and around the world in a non-biased way. They have a weekly printed newspaper and a digital subscription service. I personally love the way they bring out the facts of stories and let me do the thinking!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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