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Please Avoid Visiting This Potentially Harmful Website

Ahamed has an MBA and worked in document control for years. He enjoys writing and has freelanced and blogged across the internet.


People imagined the internet would have the same impact on our life as fax machines when it first came out, but look at it now. It has become the most widely utilized instrument on the planet, containing all of the data necessary to keep our civilization going ahead. Some of the data is necessary and has a positive impact on everything we do, while the rest is frightening or perverted, and you should avoid looking at it unless you want to be permanently damaged.

We'll be scanning Google with our eyes closed for a list of some possibly harmful websites.

Death Date.Info


What is the actual date of death? This is a website that will calculate the date of your death. Also included is the ability to use a death device or other equipment. The site claims to have the death date of the forerunner, but life, on the other hand, is a foregone conclusion. There are no digital computers in the cosmos that are capable of calculating the true death time.

How can users use this site?

It is quite simple to use. To begin, search for a death date webpage on Google. On the first page, you'll see that you may now use the decimal calculator and top on the monetary form. Users must first enter their name, the date of the bus resizing or height, or any other blank data, then click the estimate icon, and finally, the date will be displayed.

Stay tuned to find out if death dot info is legitimate. One important reminder is that, despite our advice not to use it, the site guarantees that your information will not be saved anywhere.

In five points, is the death of information justified

  • To begin with, the site has been around for a long time, but the date is inappropriate for children and does not appear to be in use.
  • Second, this website has gained popularity as a result of its amusing features.
  • Third, audience feedback on the platform has been varied.
  • Fourth, the website is secured with an SSL certificate.
  • Fifth, we can't tell if it's real or not because it's a joke in every way. So, here's the answer: the website is suspect because of the Hamir feature.



This website is very interesting. But, don't visit this, Because I'd want to introduce you to the current scenario on the planet Earth in 2022, as people select their lives, acts, and deeds, and the implications for the quality of their lives.

I'd want to pass along a letter from Ashtar Sheran, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, which is now alternated with Ptaah, the Cosmic Squadron from the Pleiades, which consists of 100,000 mother ships of Angles from Heaven. I, Ashtar Sheran, am communicating to you, the people of the planet Earth, through Ivo Benda. Due to 90% of all people's choices, a huge majority of people now head for the Dark Worlds in a negative state of remote control by the forces of Darkness.

We can tell you that these people are not interested in a bright future. As a result, we are here to assist them in turning back and mending, as well as to show them the route through advice and assistance. A lovely, valuable, and happy life, such as that which angels in Heaven, and hence all highly evolved society, lead. We are above you in spacecraft, doing a lot of work for you, for the planet Earth, so that you can live and exist in this sphere so that nature can sustain your development, and so that the world can withstand the load of terrestrial humans.

The technology you're receiving is from their dark realm, and they've been provided to you as an investment that they want back at a profit.

World Births And Deaths.Com


I'm thinking about turning this fantastic website into a series. I'm not sure why, but it suddenly occurred to me right now. It happened right now. This website keeps track of births and deaths all across the world.

In general, the red ones represent deaths, while the green ones represent births. As a result, almost four births occur every second all across the world. Well, it's 2016, and it says that's a count of all the births, and it's around 4.3 per second. And it counts how many births and deaths have occurred in each country, so around one death occurs every second in China, India, Russia, Colombia, and Bangladesh. And this is a very fantastic website where you can look at things like world population growth and other things like that, and it's all incorporated in real-time, or maybe a few seconds later, but it's all genuine. What's going on? Well, this article is fantastic, and I think that's quite cool. Well, you might not agree with me, but I kind of do.

For instance, you can look at countries like Canada, where one birth occurs every one to five minutes on average. A birth occurs every 50 seconds on average, followed by a death every 53 seconds, for a total of 40.6 seconds. Finally, this is a fantastic website where I can look at mortality and birth rates in every country, and it's amazing how human technology can count all of this.

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Plane Crash Info.Com


This website is an unimaginable moment. Please don't avoid these websites. Okay, Go through this website's features.

Decade-by-Decade Causes of Fatal Accidents

The first table below was compiled using data from and represents 1,085 accidents for which a cause could be determined.

The following accident reports met the criteria:

- From January 1, 1950, until June 30, 2019,

- Aircraft with a capacity of at least 19 passengers

- Collisions involving at least two fatalities

- Military, helicopters and private planes are not permitted.

Pilot error, mechanical failure, weather, sabotage, and other factors all had a role in the incidents. Below are some samples from each category. The major or beginning cause was chosen because most aircraft accidents are triggered by Six factors.

  • A number of fatalities in commercial aircraft accidents involving 19 or more passengers from 1950 to 2018.
  • A number of fatalities in all types of accidents were documented in the database from 1950 to 2018.
  • Fatalities by flight phase.
  • Which style of flight is the safest.
  • Chances of being in a deadly car accident.
  • Passengers on aircraft engaged in fatal accidents with 19 or more passengers had a higher chance of surviving.

Rate My Poo.Com


In 2001, a shock website called Rate My Poo was created. The website allows users to upload photos of their feces and have them rated on a scale of 1 to 10. There were connections and advertisements to other shock sites down the sides of the website. The site was largely shut down in 2019, with all pages redirecting to an image of former President Donald Trump. The caption "Biggest Piece of Sh*t" is put beneath the photo of the previous president.

Rules for Poop Posting

There will be no pornography or nudity posted. Your wonderful poop can only be found in toilets. Posting something unrelated or breaking simple rules will result in a permanent suspension that will not be overturned.

Death Row Information


Please don't visit this website, because you'll use it to surely change your mind. Okay, let's go through this website. Hopefully, you'll never face execution for a heinous act, but if you do, don't miss out on the chance to make a fair final statement. Sure, you could just tell your parents or spouse that you love them, but you could also be like the criminals who said some pretty strange and wild things right before they died.

One of the strangest last words of death row inmates, for example,

Aileen Wuornos was executed on October 9th, 2002, and was memorably played by Charlize Theron in the 2003 film "Monster." Her final statement was as baffling as it was unforgettable after killing six times. I simply wanted to tell you that I'm sailing with Rock and that I'll be back on June 6th, just like in the movie Big Mothership. I'll return. That is an intriguing quote, but it is not entirely correct. Independence Day, on the other hand, fell on July 2nd, not June 6th. Also, as one video demonstrates, she has not returned, and as a side note, I'm guessing Dwayne Johnson heard this comment and instantly asked to be kept out. Is it possible to blame him?

Finally, remember that the internet is big and contains stuff we didn't even know existed, so always be cautious. So, tell us about the most bizarre internet site you've ever visited.

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