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Playing the Public

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Bill Cosby

Time ago, mid 1990s, a woman charged Bill Cosby for being the father of her child. Cosby did not deny having sex with the woman in the 1970s, but claimed the child was not his.

Reading that was sufficient for me to appreciate that all the hype and glamour and morality of 'America's Dad' was garbage. Considering that his wife made no reaction proved to me what kind of man he was.

Women who are terrified of their husbands, children who are brutalized by their father, say nothing.

It became clear that Cosby had been screwing around for decades. His wife knew. It seems was too terrified to speak, too terrified to leave him, or, unlikely, couldn't care less.

By the 2000s, when he finally was unmasked and the whole world knew what a repulsive creature he was, I had long 'closed' his file.

Yet, how he had played the public for nearly half a century is more of an indication of our gullibility than of his skill.


Will Smith

Will Smith walked onto the stage, cameras running. The Academy Awards was being broadcast. The world was watching.

Will Smith walked onto that stage and slapped Chris Rock across the face as if he had authority.

Of course, this was little Chris Rock he slapped. Had it been 'The Rock', Smith wouldn't have left his seat. But being a bully and a repulsive narcissist, Smith felt permitted to do this, as well as shout NSFA remarks.

The cameras are running, the microphone is on, this is the major award ceremony, and this is how Will Smith behaves.

Oh, bend the knee, this is the Great Will Smith! He can do what he wants!

Although I was surprised at his actions, they were not out of character. For I had long noticed certain 'tells'. Hearing him speak during an interview, his belief in his superiority, in his 'vast' talent was evident. His ability to fool the public into thinking he was a nice chap, similar to Cosby, was not just due to his acting talent.

It was due to a fantasy he concocted and fed the public who never suspected who and what Will Smith was and is.

Actors Act

Actors play roles. Not only when the camera is running, but when they are in public.

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Actors create a persona that 'sells' and continue to 'sell' that persona. Who they are in reality often has no connection to what they present to their 'audience'.

Cosby created his 'America's Dad' character way back when he was a stand up comedian doing his 'Fat Albert' jokes.

Where others spoke of real life, mentioned racism, he never gave any presentation which touched on actualities.

He was competent at hiding his real self for about thirty years. Then, he no longer had to bother. He could be the repulsive predator because he was Bill Cosby!

Of course, being convicted, going to prison, has destroyed that image. But he's old, retired, doesn't have to waste energy acting any more. The world knows who and what he is.

Smith can apologize until he turns green, no one with a fully operational brain will accept that what he did was 'out of character'. What he did, in striking a smaller man, revealed what I had suspected for many years.

There was always something false about Smith. Something staged. That he didn't seem to have friends or exist beyond the screen was the major tell.

Real people have lives, they are involved in activities, support this politician or that cause, etc. Smith didn't. That meant who he really is was being hidden from the public.

In late July, four months after his performance at the Oscars, he is apologizing to Chris Rock. His apology has the value of cigarette ashes.

He just realized the public is no longer fooled by his performance and now he is playing Mr. Contrite.

Let's see how many fall for that hoax.


The public has to cut the role an actor plays from reality. Not believe that because this actor acts so sweet on screen he is that way in real life.

Not to think the creature standing before the camera, or strolling about in public with a population of eyes on him is really who he is.

The public has to realize Actors play roles. Using the two I mentioned, Cosby, and his acolyte, Smith, as patterns for deception the public might have some insight into the next fraud.

Cosby played the Daddy type to great success, fooling the world.

Smith, pretending to be nice and soft was the way to capture the public and manipulate them.

One must give credit to these two. For decades they had danced on the gullibility of the public, which confused them with the roles they played.

Now, our eyes are open.

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