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Play-Alongs for Violin


Violin Play-Alongs

These violin play-alongs are written in a music minus one style. Each video displays the music and plays the piano accompaniment for you to play along with. Think of it like karaoke for violin, there is also a cursor that follows the music so you won't get lost!

There are many benefits to playing along to a backing track. They can help you keep in time and make you think about your tuning! I have written several play along videos for violin in many different styles ranging from blues to classical!

Violin Play-Alongs and Backing Tracks

Free violin music backing tracks.

1. The Entertainer


2. Danny Boy

Irish Traditional

3. St James Infirmary


4. Holy Night


5. The Drunken Sailor

Sea Shanty

6. The Banana Boat Song


7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Children's Song/Classical

8. Yellow Bird


9. Willim Tell

Operatic Overture

10. Kalinka

Russian Folk Song

1. "The Entertainer"—Scott Joplin

"The Entertainer" is Scott Joplin's most famous piano rag and was written in 1902. This well known tune was used on the 1970's film The Sting. This arrangement has been adapted for solo trumpet in Bb and piano. The violin part has been written to an intermediate standard.

2. "Danny Boy"—Irish Traditional

"Danny Boy" is a famous song written in 1910 by Fred Weatherly. Its lyrics was set to the traditional Irish tune "The Londonderry Air." It became popular during the First World War as the song depicts a soldier leaving for war. This arrangement has been written for violin and piano and features a counter melody in the accompaniment. The violin part has been written to an intermediate standard.

3. "St James' Infirmary" Blues

"St. James' Infirmary" is a traditional New Orleans Funeral March. This arrangement starts with Chopin's Funeral March which then becomes the accompanying figure. This bluesy piece becomes more jazzy and intense as it progresses. This arrangement has been written for solo violin and piano. The trumpet part has been written to an intermediate standard.

4. "O Holy Night"—Adolphe Adams

"O Holy Night" is a famous Christmas song written by Adolphe Adams in 1847. The song is based on a French poem "Minuit, chrétiens" which reflects on the birth of Jesus. This arrangement has been written for violin and piano. The violin part has been written to an intermediate.

5. "The Drunken Sailor" — Traditional Sea Shanty

The Drunken Sailor is a traditional sea shanty. Songs where often sang to help the sailors keep in time when doing jobs onboard. This work song is thought to have originated in the early 19th century but became a poplar song amongst non sailors early in the 20th century.

This easy to play violin solo is played twice with a counter melody of a hornpipe in the accompaniment.

6. "The Banana Boat Song" — Traditional Calypso

The Banana boat song is traditional Jamaican work song. This song, also known as "Day-O" was also covered by Harry Belafonte in 1956 and in 1979 Harry famously performed this song on the muppet show. This song has also featured in the 1988 film "Beetle Juice"

This violin solo is fairly easy to play and is about a grade 1 to 2 difficulty.

7. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star —Traditional

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a well known lullaby which is sung to the tune of the a traditional French song. A common misconception is that Mozart wrote "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Although this is not true he did compose 12 variations on the theme.

This easy to play violin solo features a variation on 2nd verse.

8. "Yellow Bird" —Traditional Calypso

Yellow Bird is set to the Haitian lyrical poem "Chouccoune". This fun to play calypso song is about a lady who has "flown" away.

This violin solo is moderately easy to play.

9. "William Tell" — Rossini

This is the overture from Rossini's 39th opera, the "William Tell". This music is often associated with horse riding and was the theme for the "Lone Ranger".

This violin is moderately easy to play.

10. "Kalinka" — Russian Traditional

Kalinka is a famous Russian folk song that gradually gets faster. This song was used famously used in the game Tetris and now it's famously know as the "Tetris Theme". This violin solo is moderately easy to play.

More Music!

I regularly write and arrange new music for violin and other instruments too, so please come back to check out what is new!

I would love to hear what violin solos you would like to play and would like me to arrange next. Please comment below and leave some great suggestions!