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Planet of the Apes: A Trilogy of New Films Is Planned


In March of this year, it was announced that Wes Ball , the director of the Labyrinth series, would direct the upcoming Harbinger comic book . But that doesn't work, because Wes is busy preparing the new Planet of the Apes . Paul Downs Colaizzo , known for Brittany Runs and Marathon , takes over directing duties for Harbinger . Colaizzo is also set to rewrite the script, the last previous version of which was prepared by Andrew Lanham .

The Harbinger comic series follows Peter Stanchek, a teenager with psionic powers who is constantly on the run from the authorities. The suspicious Harbinger corporation tightens its noose around Peter more and more, and if he doesn't want to be caught, he has no choice but to gather a group of similarly gifted individuals and join forces to launch a counterattack.

All about the Harbinger Project
Meanwhile, Wes Ball is giving his full attention to the new Planet of the Apes . Last month, according to Deadline , the script was completed, which 20th Century Studios is excited about. We are currently looking for a representative of the main role so that filming can start as soon as possible. The studio hopes the film will lead to a whole new ape trilogy.

The pre-production of the film is in full swing and, according to older reports, it should start shooting this year. Older reports also stated that the film should not somehow deny the events of the last trilogy with Andy Serkis, but at the same time, it probably won't follow it closely


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