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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Pinocchio (2022)

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A straight to streaming Disney “Live Action” remake that acts as close to a roller coaster as a film of this nature could; full of ups and downs, abrupt twists and turns, fast paced, heart pounding moments as well as equally dull and boring moments. Most of the time, appreciating the CGI technical feats is no chore at all, and allows us to have so much fun engulfing ourselves in the detailed reimagined world of the classic animated predecessor from 1940. But at its lowest point, the green screen effects and interactions between the real and the computer generated becomes distracting, and almost too much to endure.

Tom Hanks brings a true to tale, fun, joyous, and heart-felt performance to the old woodcarver. He knew when to have fun with it, and when to give a truly emotional feel. Benjamin Evan Ainsworth captures the original Disney Animated Film’s Pinocchio a great deal of respect, as he captures his whimsical nature, curiosity and naivety perfectly. Keegan Michael Key was also cast perfectly as the deceptive, yet charismatic fox, “Honest John.” He mirrors the flamboyant, extravagant and confident nature of the original character in a way that gives us a great sense of nostalgia and a true recollection of the original. Lastly, Kyanne Lamaya is a great edition to the story, with a much welcomed balance to the darker tones of the story.

Pinocchio will most likely cause some disappointment amongst fans of the original animated feature, which is to be expected. However, Disney ensured that the pieces of the original film that are etched into your brain from childhood are given respect and attention in the new remake, and play out exactly as you would hope and expect them to. The majority of the positive criticism for this film is given in the first act, and allows for a bit of it in the third act. But the second act is a bit of a trainwreck to put it lightly. The cast of characters that inhabit the second act are abysmal at best, showing that once the film knows it has your attention, it appears to stop caring about any of the things that made the 1940 version captivating.

All in all, this film could easily have been near the top of the list for Disney Live Action remakes and reboots, but chose to skimp on some details and moments that brought the magic to life. While charting a Disney live action remake or reboot at the top of a list designed for just that isn’t a bar set very high in the first place, Pinocchio had potential to be fairly good. However due to its abundant shortcomings, it sits comfortably in the middle, soon to be forgotten with time.


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