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Pink Floyd Titles That Might Predict An End To Roger Waters' Fifth Marriage

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If New Union Finds Troubled Waters, Pink Floyd Leader May Say Roger


He has found something to tick away the moments that make up a dull day, as the line says from his track “Time” on Dark Side of the Moon. Rather than hearing the alarm bells that begin that song, Rogers Waters is now hearing wedding chimes.

Waters recently married girlfriend Kamilah Chavis, marking the fifth time the Pink Floyd bassist has tied the knot. Previously he he had been the husband of Judith Trim, Carolyne Christie, Priscilla Phillips and Laurie Durning.

“I'm so happy,” Waters posted on social media. “Finally, a keeper.”

In spite of the newlywed's expected optimism, his odds for remaining married are the same 50-50 as those of everyone else. If he does have the misfortune of once again splitting from a wife, here are ten slightly altered Pink Floyd songs that might fit the occasion.

1. Uncomfortably Numb from The Wall

Rather than use the original greeting to open, this divorce version should begin “Goodbye, Goodbye, There is nobody in there.

2. Free Four (Five) from Obscured By Clouds

After tying and untying on four previous occasions, another divorce would make waters free for a fifth time.

3. Wish You Weren't Here

After a few months or years, the newlyweds may be singing something like this title track from the follow up to Dark Side of the Moon.

4. Us and Then? from Dark Side of the Moon.

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At first the relationship is all about us, only to have it end up with a one word question that differs only its final letter from the opposing pronoun in this title.

5. The Pros and Cons of Hitchmaking from solo album with the same title

“Jump says Yoko Ono” in the original version, only after a few months of wedlock Waters might take her advice instead stepping back onto the curb like in the hit song.

6. Any Collar You Like from Dark Side of the Moon

This instrumental track emphasizes “Colour”, but the alteration is apt here if Waters for the fifth time feels shackled after making his nuptials.

7. Another Break in the Will from The Wall

Well, another marriage inevitable brings a change in the will, so Waters will have to make yet another appointment with his attorney.

8. Please Me Leave Me Now from The Wall

This number was the B-side of “Run Like Hell,” which in itself could fit in with these tunes.

9. Waiting for the Terms from Wall

As with his previous four divorces, Waters may find himself waiting for the terms of the divorce to be decided.

10. Absolutely Curtains from Obscured By Clouds

With its statement of a definite ending, this title can remain exactly the way it appears on the quartet's predecessor to Dark Side of the Moon.

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