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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Review

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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Review


Pokemon Detective Pikachu the movie was an interesting movie to watch. My youngest son asked to go see this movie, Pokemon Detective Pikachu. He is nine years old. The kids summer movie series is in full swing in our city and several movie theaters are providing discounted movie tickets for movies such as Pokemon Detective Pikachu in this kids summer movie series.

I went to watch the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie with my two sons this afternoon and the cost was $2 per ticket, a nice deal. They just love to watch movies on the big screen at the movie theater.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Review


In Pokemon Detective Pikachu the movie, a young man named Tim, about 20 years old, gets together with a friend named Jack who encourages him to capture a Pokemon.

Tim is taken by surprise and tells Jack that he thought they were just getting together to reminisce about childhood. Tim insists that he does not want or need a pokemon and he really is not interested.

Tim agrees to catch a Pokemon


In the movie, with a little more coaxing from his friend, Tim agrees to pursue and catch a Pokemon in a field.

They are living in a time when humans and Pokemon are coexisting and partnering. Humans are keeping Pokemon as pets of sorts and the Pokemon are said to help the humans to bring out "their best selves".

Pokemon are helping humans to be their best selves.

Tim uses a Poke ball to throw towards the Pokemon and attempt to capture it but the light on the Poke ball does not turn green to give Tim the okay and he is unsuccessful in his attempt.

In the movie, Tim and his friend actually end up having to run away from the field to stay safe.

Shortly after in Pokemon Detective Pikachu the movie, Tim is notified by phone that there has been an accident. He subsequently gets information about the accident in a newspaper as well. Tim's father is presumed dead in a fatal car crash.

Upon learning of his father's presumed death, Tim remains calm and stoic, essentially nonreactionary and unemotional.

Tim did not live with his father. Upon hearing about his father's presumed death, Tim travels to the city of Ryme where his father had lived.

In the city of Ryme, Tim stops by a detective's office to pick up the keys for his father's apartment.

The detective that Tim speaks with briefly was a colleague of Tim's father. Tim's father, Harold Goodman was a detective as well.

Tim had not seen his father in years before learning about the accident and in the movie, he continued to refuse to express emotion for a while.

When Tim arrives at his father's apartment building, he uses one key to open his father's mailbox, has a bit of an overwhelmed expression on his face and immediately closes the mailbox back without collecting the mail.

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Right before going to enter his father's apartment, Tim runs into a young woman in the stairwell. She says that she was waiting to see who would come and open Harold Goodman's mailbox.

Tim insists that he barely knows the man (his father, Harold) and hadn't seen him in years. At that moment, Tim does not admit to being Harold's son.

Subsequently, in the next movie scene, Tim enters his father's apartment to have a look around.

Tim is soon interrupted by a noise and arms himself with a stapler for protection!

This point in time is Tim's introduction to his father's pokemon, Pikachu!

Once they learn that they should not attack each other, Tim and Pikachu start to show some literal understanding between each other. They can understand each other when they speak, which is not typical between humans and pokemon.

What is this?!

Just prior to meeting Pikachu, Tim had been rummaging through some of his father's belongings and a purple gas had been released from a vial. Tim was alarmed, audibly asking "What is this?!" to nobody in particular and opened a window to get some fresh air from the gas that had him gagging.

As the gas got released into the outside air, some benevolent creatures are visibly affected and become wild and ferocious instead of gentle.

As Tim and Pikachu are introduced to each other and talking, those same creatures come breaking in to attack them and fight them!

Tim and Pikachu are chased right out of the apartment building and on to the streets before the creatures start to calm down as the gas loses its effect on them.

Going for coffee

Soon, thereafter, Tim and Pikachu go for a coffee. We learn that Pikachu has a bit of a caffeine addiction. This is one of many funny elements in the movie. It's very comical to consider that the cute little Pikachu is addicted to drinking coffee.


The movie, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, continues on with Tim and Pikachu partnering up. Pikachu is now Tim's Pokemon when he was previously Tim's father's Pokemon.

Is Tim's father alive?

It turns out that Tim's father might still be alive! Tim and Pikachu end up doing a 'detective' search for the truth throughout the remainder of the movie.

Tim starts to show more emotion

Tim starts to show more emotion as he reflects on his love for his father. He does hope that his father is found alive and hopes that he gets a chance to reunite with him. Tim's father had been very busy with a job as a detective that kept him in a faraway city but Tim, who was raised by his grandmother, saw framed pictures of himself and his deceased mother in his father's apartment. Tim had come to accept that his father did care in his own way even though they hadn't spent much time together. Tim was ready to forgive and eager to find his father alive.

Teaming up

The investigative journalist that Tim had run into in the stairwell of his father's apartment building is named Lucy. Tim and Pikachu end up teaming up with Lucy and her own Pokemon since all in the group are looking for answers.

They go on a road trip together to find out about the origin of that strange purple gas, for example.

There are many, many clues to unpack in the great mystery of what happened to Tim's father. There is a lot of detective work to be done.

An interesting adventure movie

This movie, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, is an interesting adventure movie and has many action scenes that are quite intense for a children's movie.

This movie is not too predictable

This movie is also not very predictable. There are many twists and turns. What you thought might be bad might in fact be good and what you thought might be good might be bad after all. This movie will keep you on your toes as someone that you thought was a good guy turns out to be a villian.

In the movie, a wheelchair bound man with a degenerative illness is the person that is most credited with believing that Pokemon help humans to bring out their best selves. Unfortunately, he takes things way too far with his ideas.

The Most Powerful Pokemon in the World

The most powerful Pokemon in the world is named Mewtwo. Mewtwo was engineered by humans that used ancient Pokemon DNA to create it. Throughout much of the movie, the movie audience is led to believe that Mewtwo is threatening and villianous and contributed to causing the accident that Tim's father may or may not have survived.

As you watch this movie to the end, you will find that Mewtwo is not such a villian after all.

This movie addresses concepts of mind control and power. The wheelchair bound man wants to ease his own suffering and thinks that he can ease the suffering of humanity in general if people were more open to the idea of humans and pokemon merging into one. He uses a Neurolink device to enter Mewtwo's body with his mind. His crazy ideas cause chaos, confusion and destruction until he is defeated and ultimately incarcerated.

This movie has impressive special effects

This movie, Pokemon Detective Pikachu has impressive special effects and is a wild visual display of action sequences.

In the movie theater, all of the kids excitedly clapped at the ending of the movie. They made an enthusiastic audience.

Postive aspects, lessons taught

Positive aspects about this children's movie are that it teaches lessons about forgiveness, triumph over evil, teamwork, and saving lives.

Towards the end of this movie, there are many survivors of near death experiences. Tim, Pikachu, Lucy and others all take turns saving each other's lives!

Lucy has gotten the scoop that she was looking for in her investigative journalism work and she has been invited to report on it on television.

A crush that Tim has had on Lucy throughout the movie might blossom into a relationship as they make plans to meet up later that night.

By the end of the movie, Tim wants to change his job in insurance and go into detective work.

The most famous and recognizable movie actor in the movie, Ryan Reynolds, makes an appearance at the end of the movie as none other than...................... Tim's Dad!

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie

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