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Photographing in Brazil

Enjoy Brazil !

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(CC BY 2.0

Brazil also has many scenes of the natural kind like its rain forest, its rivers, its beaches, its wildlife. It also features many man made structures which have become tourist attractions like the Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This statue or monument can be seem from almost all of the capital and it is a must visit when visiting this beautiful country.

"Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor, standard Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈkɾistu ʁedẽˈtoʁ], local dialect: [ˈkɾiʃtu ɦedẽjˈtoɦ]) is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 2nd largest statue of Jesus in the world. It is 30 metres (98 ft) tall, not including its 8 metres (26 ft) pedestal, and its arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide.It weighs 635 tonnes (625 long, 700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in theTijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city. A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1926 and 1931." Wikipedia

Brazil is probably known best for its soccer team, for its beaches, and for the party atmosphere which seems to permeate everything that Brazilians do. One good example is the annual Rio's carnival; a national competition in which local and national Samba schools compete for the best float and performance.

But it does not stop there. Literary there are parties all over the country and the celebration can go on for about two or more weeks prior to the actual carnival.

"The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1823.

GRES Imperatriz Leopoldinense at the carnival, in 1999 Mangueira samba school parades in the Sambadrome in the 1998 Carnival. A Samba school parades in the Sambadrome in the 2004 Carnival.

The typical Rio carnival parade is filled with revelers, floats and adornments from numerous samba school which are located in Rio (more than 200 approximately, divided into 5 leagues/ divisions.) A samba school is composed of a collaboration of local neighbors that want to attend carnival together." Wikipedia.

Add to this the friendly disposition of many of the locals, the beautiful people on the beach who customary can be seen wearing little to nothing in the way of beach wear and no wonder Brazil acts like a magnet for international tourism.

Photographing many of these activities alongside some cultural as well as other scenic features should be enough to paint a photographic picture that is representative of the country as well as the lifestyle.

Don't forget the suntan lotion!

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(CC BY 2.0

For your photographic adventure do not limit yourself to only taking photographs of the most popular tourist attractions. Also do your own travel plans and visit areas where the city really lives.

The outdoor market places, the street cafes, the night life are all worthy photographic subjects. If you can capture any of the many soccer matches then by all means take some shots. Always ask permission to photograph people as it is customary to do so.

Brazil is very laid back and very few things offend the locals, but nevertheless ask before you shoot. Be prepared to offer a small token payment if asked in order to snap a photograph. This is not uncommon in many other countries regardless of what part of the globe you are in.

Look for scenes of daily life

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CC BY-SA 3.0

Keep in mind that like many other parts of the world Brazil also has its less than desirable places. Venturing alone into one of these areas may be less than intelligent. If you feel the need to do so, then at least hire a good local guide.

The picturesque scenes may be wort it but so is your well being. Also good is to hire a local guide or travel with an established tourist company if you plan to visit the more remote parts including parts of the Amazon Rain forest as here you will find more than enough natural wonders and ample wildlife to get your lifetime's fill of photographs.

The good thing about traveling with a travel group is that they know where to take you, prices are modest and you will have fun. The bad thing is that they will take you to the nice areas and your images may turn out as just another set of tourist pictures. Explore on your own too but keep safety in the back of your mind.

There are a few hotels that are located in the heart of this rain forest and spending a few days in one of them may be the experience of a lifetime and not worth missing.

Brazil is located mostly in the Equator, so you will be hot. Taking plenty of batteries and being mindful of your gear is something to consider.

The best thing is that one digital sensor will yield a lot of images but they are sensitive to the heat as well as the cold, just like film.

Take precautions to keep your photographic gear in good working order and protect it from the elements, especially if you do your photography in the rain forest and in the beach.

A good selection of lenses should provide ample opportunities to explore various angles and perspectives. Take wide scenic angle shots, close ups, regular and maybe some macros. So long as the details are interesting as well as pleasant you can basically not get it wrong.

Open your mind to the photogenic opportunity s and shoot away. Brazil is full of color so taking advantage of the many shades and palettes is a must.

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CC BY-ND 2.0

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CC BY 2.0

It is better to take too many pictures than not enough. Once you get back home, examine your shots and select the best most interesting ones.

You can use your images to submit to many travel publications, use them in the production of an e book, use them in a travel or photographic blog and in calendars.

It is better to include description of the vents, the scene, the general facts and a general article with your image submission as this makes them more likely to get picked up by an editor.

Only submit your best most technically perfect sample as Brazil is not a new topic and one which has received more than its share of photographic coverage.

And the Women!

Pay attention to how to take your images. Do some research into typical photographs featuring the locations that you will visit and although you can imitate some of the shots, the best works are those which are new, creative and offers views that have not been seem much before.

Editors and publications are always looking for fresh new takes , even if they are of long photographed subjects.

So long as the subject matter has an appeal to audiences, editors will use them. Being creative and innovative is your best alternative so give free reign to your creativity and don't be afraid to try new techniques.

Wildlife is beautiful too!

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CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

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CC BY 2.0

Your images have to do a good job of presenting the life style, the people, the attractions and everything that makes your trip worthwhile so that it can infuse others with the desire to repeat your actions.

You are in a way selling what you do, you are the salesperson for whatever destination you happen to be in. If you do not feel attracted to visiting Brazil after viewing your images then your audience will not either.

Do not rely on your memories, your audience did not experience them. Only your photographs can substitute for your own experiences and your audience must readily "see" this in the pictures that you are presenting to them.

Have fun, be creative, be careful ,enjoy your time and take plenty of shots.

This formula is one which should be taken any time that you venture unto any photographic adventure.

The best photographers in the world follow a similar routine and often end up with amazing results.

They always take their camera every where as so should you. Remember that a lot of photos present themselves when you least expect them and being camera ready is paramount.

Pay attention to street and market scenes

CC BY 2.0

CC BY 2.0

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