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Perspective on the Cartoon Inspector Gadget "Greenfinger" Episode 24

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Some Basic Statistics About the Episode "Greenfinger"

  • Original Air Date: October 12, 1983
  • Theme: the episode is about weeds, gardening, and proper lawn care.
  • Main characters: Inspector Gadget, Penny, Brain, Dr. Claw, Mr. Greenfinger, an imposter posing as Mr. Greenfinger, Chief Quimby

Inspector Gadget in the Cartoon Episode "Greenfinger"

Inspector Gadget is seen here in the speed boat wondering why he has been pursued by Dr. Claw's agents.

Inspector Gadget is seen here in the speed boat wondering why he has been pursued by Dr. Claw's agents.

Inspector Gadget Saves the Fake Greenfinger

In the meantime, the impostor ends up being dragged through the water and almost drowns before the Inspector saves him. Greenfinger is one of those episodes that tries to show the importance of getting rid of weeds in your garden. Similarly, it is said that thoughts are like the garden of our minds but that’s a different story altogether.

Penny Gets Captured Along With the Real Mr. Greenfinger

When Brain contacts Penny, by this point in the episode, Inspector Gadget is being suffocated by a giant stalk of weeds and if it wasn’t for his dog Brain’s clever help, the Inspector might have been eliminated. Penny herself gets captured and put into the basement where the real Mr. Greenfinger is being held.

"Greenfinger" Full Episode

Final Thoughts About the Episode "Greenfinger"

As Penny is able to override the controls of the blimp, bringing the blimp into the water, all the vegetables that were of a huge size because of that formula now return to their normal size. The episode also features the use of a Venus Fly Trap which almost swallows Brain and Inspector Gadget but it is not good enough to make the episode any more than average.

One thing that I can say is that Chief Quimby unfortunately always has to deal with the message self-destructing and in this episode he is hiding in a fire hydrant as the message self-destructs causing him to fly into the air as the water really comes out. But this still means that Greenfinger is one of the weakest episodes of the first season of Inspector Gadget.

Rating for the episode Greenfinger: 70 out of 100 points

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