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Perspective on Episode 42 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget "M.a.d. Academy"

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Brief Summary of the Episode Known as M.A.D. Academy

In looking back at the history of the cartoon Inspector Gadget, another episode stands out as one of the best of the first season. That one is called M.A.D. Academy (also spelled MAD Academy). In this episode, Metro City’s most famous detective is assigned to try and shut down a crime school set up by Dr. Claw.

Inspector Gadget Driving His Gadget Mobile


Why the Episode "M.A.D. Academy" is Interesting Reason #1

Inspector Gadget spends so much time at Penny's school thinking that a pair of instructors are agents of Dr. Claw while these other agents are busy trying to perfect their skills because Dr. Claw gives them a class project. That project ends up being a way to eliminate Inspector Gadget. These “students” of Dr. Claw attempt a variety of methods to try and dispose of Gadget. These include:

  1. By flattening his car tires thus making it harder for him to drive around the city.
  2. Trying to sabotage his car.
  3. Using a tank style canon but one of the agents completely misses because of very bad aim.

The Important Role of Penny Helps to Once Again Solve the Case In M.A.D. Academy

When Inspector Gadget finally reaches the academy set up as a crime school by following the agents of Dr. Claw through a long, dark passageway as soon as the door opens, he thinks that this place is actually a police academy. His niece Penny reaches the entrance of the school and she opens the door by using a laser. She attempts to call for help but she is not able to do so because of the radio signal frequency not being present. Penny almost gets captured when an agent of Dr. Claw overhears the sound of a signal but due to Brain distracting him, two agents then pursue him and try to capture him. Penny locates a huge control room and she is able to find the correct frequency so that she can then contact Chief Quimby Penny also helps to put an end to the plot because she is able to use the power of her watch to override the controls of a tank that is chasing her uncle while he is in his Gadget mobile.

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The Second Reason Why M.A.D. Academy So Hilarious

This brings us to the next reason why M.A.D. Academy is such a hilarious and memorable episode. This is because Inspector Gadget is forced to drive around what is similar to a race car track and he is expected to drive around backwards! Inspector Gadget thinks that this race is some sort of school competition but it is really a plot designed by Dr. Claw to try and eliminate him! After Brain foils the plan to hit Gadget with the tank cannon, the chase or course becomes a long, drawn out back and forth race until the tank goes haywire.

Final Thoughts About the Episode M.A.D. Academy

Overall, M.A.D. Academy is an episode that has funny parts, stealth moves shown by Penny and most of all, a fun sort of stupidity shown by the main character Inspector Gadget.

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