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Review and Analysis of Episode 25 in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget Called Gadget Goes West

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Introduction to Episode 25 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget Called Gadget Goes West

Episode 25 in the cartoon Inspector Gadget which has the title Gadget Goes West is the episode that has the entry or appearance of the character called Rattlesnake Bart. Rattlesnake Bart is a character that looks like an outlaw or a bandit and he has been assigned by Dr. Claw to loot the money of Wild West Tourist Town and hold it for ransom. Inspector Gadget must bring him to justice before the entire town would have to be sold.

Inspector Gadget Does Not Realize the Quickness of Rattlesnake Bart

While Inspector Gadget may have the best of intentions, his inability to notice the difference between friend and foe would cost him. After the Gadget family has finished their grocery shopping and after a misunderstanding that causes Gadget to tie up a customer with his lasso, he has been given his assignment by Chief Quimby. Gadget tells his niece Penny that he has always wanted to be a cowboy and he tells her that this assignment is going to be just like a vacation. What Gadget does not realize is that Rattlesnake Bart is a professional thief and bandit that acts very quickly. He manages to loot the entire bank in the town and takes over a salon through the use of force.

Another Example of Inspector Gadget Being Inept

Gadget further shows his ineptitude when he thinks that there is a welcoming committee approaching him as the town’s owner and sheriff are chasing Rattlesnake Bart!

The episode called Gadget Goes West has a cowboy and horse theme in it and this photo symbolizes what the Inspector does in that episode.

The episode called Gadget Goes West has a cowboy and horse theme in it and this photo symbolizes what the Inspector does in that episode.

Rattlesnake Bart is One of the Famous Villains of Inspector Gadget

Rattlesnake Bart is one of a series of characters in the cartoon series that is assigned by Dr. Claw to get rid of Gadget. Later on in the series, other high profile villains such as Professor Doomkauf and Dr. Spectrum will show up but they are in multiple episodes and they actually never get captured.

"Gadget Goes West"

As Usual, Penny Ends Up Having to Save Her Uncle

One common theme in the series is that either Penny or Brain has to help Inspector Gadget to solve the case and while at school, Penny is worried about whether Brain will help to protect her uncle. Meanwhile her teacher tells the class that they must read pages 20 to 300 as part of their preparation for the class tomorrow. She is also forced to postpone finishing her math homework in order to go all the way to Wild West Tourist Town in order to save her uncle from elimination.

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The Most Memorable Scene of the Episode Gadget Goes West

However, as usual, Gadget thinks that Brain is a suspect and he pursues him in the end of the episode as Rattlesnake Bart attempts to escape with the stolen money. Gadget attempts to use his mobile claw but as Dr. Claw is pursuing him, he uses the hilarious gas and the glue rockets to temporarily subdue Dr. Claw even if it is only for a few seconds. Brain disconnects the stagecoach’s steering mechanism as Penny overrides the vehicle’s controls by using her computer book even while she is sitting in a chair back in the town’s saloon. Note: this is another one of those episodes in which Penny gets captured. In spite of that, Rattlesnake Bart is brought to justice as the sheriff of the town congratulates Inspector Gadget. This last chase scene of the episode Gadget Goes West is fun and exciting to watch even as Inspector Gadget takes a while to figure out which one of the buttons in his Gadget Mobile activates the Gadget Claw.

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