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Perpetual Groove Acoustic Show at Dunedin Brewery

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Having gone on tour following The Grateful Dead and seeing more than 1,000 live shows from many, many artists, I love watching live music.


As we walked into the brewery, just after 8;00 p.m., P3 was soundchecking one of the best acoustic versions of Meloncholy Hill, and I knew we were in for quite a treat with the acoustic 3 piece band. Grabbing a drink and a spot to drink, we enjoyed their soundcheck and promptly headed outside for the unusually cool breeze brought in by the recent and current storm system moving through the area.


Sean of Legacy Orchestra Collective had an opening set from 9:00 p.m. - 10 p.m. He opened his set with a killer version of The Prodigy's "Fire Starter," and definitely made it his own, a great tribute.

Sean's music, and the music of Legacy Orchestra Collective, takes a Keller Williams approach to the performance with loops and multiple instruments, with some light beatboxing and yells looped in for effect.

He played an original into Mesmerizing cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic," which had to be pointed out to me by my girlfriend as I was getting into his groove.

Sean played his heart out, and was stoked to be sharing the stage with P3 as he made mentions of it twice throughout his set. I enjoyed the music he brought forth and can't wait for Legacy Orchestra Collective to come around with its full roster.


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During the set break I managed to get a solid hug from front man, Brock Butler, and asked for a Teakwood Betz to be delivered through the night.

Perpetual Groove's set started around 10:30 p.m. as P3 Acoustic and the crowd packed the place from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. By the time the band was rolling into their second song, the crowd could have competed with a Tokyo subway car for occupancy, but everyone was easy going and paths were made for anyone and everyone (drink in hand or not).

They had every single bit of my attention when they covered Bowie's "Heroes," and jammed a completely stellar version I'm not soon to forget.

I had hoped to see Three Weeks and Teakwood Betz, but left after the first set (due to a morning work schedule) and couldn't tell you what came forth during the second set, but what I was able to see from the first set, these guys were on fire and they definitely had an ebb and flow relationship with the energy being shared throughout the crowd.

I've listened to these guys since 2005 and they played a few songs I recognized from my formative years, the nostalgia washed over me harder than I figured it would and I couldn't help being overcome with intense joy.


I got to enjoy the night with someone I've been sharing the last 2 and a half years with, sharing my history, and getting to introduce her to a piece of me and my history through their music meant more to me than any planned date night at any grand hall or Michelin starred restaurant.

Thank you to the owners, operators, and staff at Dunedin Brewery for providing the area with a premier craft beer, food, and music venue; one of the best I've experienced in the country.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed yourself and The Experience!


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