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People Should Say Yes To Nope: A Short Movie Review of the Summer Blockbuster


In a recent interview, Jordan Peele began his press tour for the third installment in his film franchise, Nope by saying that he couldn’t have made this movie five years ago. Five years ago movie mogul franchises like Marvel and DC were dominating the film industry making it insanely hard for any other movie to get attention. Recent movies like Top Gun Maverick, and The Black Phone however have begun to change the game, grabbing the viewers attention to something new, something exciting. This is what Jordan Peele’s Nope is about. A fresh new take on something that we are familiar with: aliens and obsessions.

Working back alongside Jordan Peele since the hit 2017 Get Out, Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya alongside Keke “Booked and Busy” Palmer and newcomer Brandon Perea who all give a breathtaking performance in what truly is a spectacle, at heart western film with a twist. These characters take on the impossible, becoming the first people to get clear evidence of aliens. This is all that you are allowed to know going into this movie, and honestly the little you know the better. This allows Nope to shine its brightest as it takes the wheel and guides us independently on a journey that can sometimes falter and points but ultimately leaves us craving more of the characters and world that we were brought into. However it wouldn’t be a Jordan Peele movie without the weirdness, symbolism and meaning wrapped beautifully within the story. The story within the story.

Without giving too much away, Jordan Peele’s new installment once again speaks to its viewers in a beautiful way about the world. This time it seems as though he speaks about our role in the world and the disruption that we cause to the balance of nature, looking for the spectacle. Something to capture the eye, to become obsessed with. To simply look at. However, our disruption causes consequences and with these consequences we are left with how nature will respond back, which this film takes to the next level to explore, to make us understand. Being in the theater again watching a Jordan Peele film was a joy and the audience’s interactiveness was what I believed Peele intended for us to do. To gasp when the screen became dark and something seemed horribly wrong, when it was daylight yet quiet. To say “nope” within our seats completely mesmerized. With this film, Jordan Peele solidifies himself as one of the best horror filmmakers of our time. All eyes are watching to see what the mastermind behind horror has left for us.

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