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Paxson Chase Releases Pretend Album


Paxson Chase Is Back With Another Album

Rising melodic artist Paxson Chase is back again with his 6th studio album. With 9 tracks, this is by far the most versatile we have seen Paxson get. For genres, we see this album shuffle from pop to alternative to hip-hop quite frequently. With each track having its own sound and style, Paxson Chase does a great job of blending together his melodic tones and Hip-Hop sounds. Using these intricate sounds and styles, Paxson hopes at least one song can resonate with everyone who comes across this collection.

Uplifting Others With His Music

Looking back on his last project, his fifth studio album, Paxson looks to get away from the alternative sounds he primarily used. Adding his new and improved pop vibes, Paxson is able to touch more and more potential fans with this music. Using his music as away to battle his own personal struggles, Paxson’s music is found to be uplifting and fun spirited. Just in time for summer, this whole album can turn your mood/day around.

Paxson Chase's Growth Over The Year

Looking to pick up right where he left off with his last studio album, Paxson Chase has really shown his fans the growth he has been making as an artist. Utilizing his social media sites, primarily his Instagram account, Paxson Chase has also seen an increased following over the course of this year. Posting snippets of new music and keeping fans up to date on new drops is what Paxson does best with his social media pages. Some of his favorites on the album are Oblivion or I Fell In Love With the Devil At Prom. Paxson hopes that everyone enjoys his new collection and thanks his fans for their continued support in advance!

  • Pretend by Paxson Chase on Apple Music
    Listen to Pretend by Paxson Chase on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Pork Fried Rice (Side A)", "SunDriveCity (feat. Loverboikai & Kier Ramar)" and more.
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