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8 Roles of Park Shin Hye in Korean Dramas That You Will Never Forget

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Xhyniie has been a K-pop fan since 2010 and a K-drama fan since 2000. She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye

Are you familiar of Park Shin Hye?

Park Shin Hye is a South Korean actress, singer, model and dancer who came to fame after playing the role of young Han Jung-suh in the award-winning Koreanovela Stairway To Heaven. Since then, she became one of the most popular Korean actresses who have a large number of fandoms all over the world. She had won different awards and visit Asian countries as part of her tour.

She is also the first Korean actress who reach 1 million followers on Weibo, a chinese website equivalent to twitter. She had played different characters in television from a girly look to boyish look in the drama You're Beautiful. And she will make you cry when you watch her movie Miracle in Cell No. 7.

In this hub, we will talk about the 8 Korean dramas of Park Shin Hye that mark in our minds and in our hearts.

8. Hana in Tree of Heaven

Tree Of Heaven

Tree Of Heaven

Reunited with "Stairway To Heaven" co-star Lee Wan

In this drama, Park Shin-hye played a brilliant and idealistic Japanese Korean girl named Hana. Her mother owns a small hot springs inn wherein she live at the moment. This is the second time that Lee Wan and Shin-hye worked in a drama after Stairway To Heaven finished. Although at that time she was in her early career, yet she performed like a professional actress. Every episode will never failed to make you cry even once.

7. Shin Se-Ryung in Prince Hours


A daughter of a prime minister in Goong S

Park Shin Hye's role in this drama is a daughter of the Prime Minister, she was raised to be a proper lady and groomed to be the next Queen of Korea. She had always followed her father's instructions and believed her mother to be the wrong one because she left her for a life of simplicity and away from greed.

At first her only interest was to be the Queen and she was willing to go to extra lengths to get to the position. Though she did eventually fell for Prince Lee Hoo, she was rejected as Prince Lee Hoo was already in love with Yang Soon-ae. She was determined at first, but later learned that her mother was the one who was right and abandoned her father to chase her own dreams. She remained friends with both Princes and no longer harbours any romantic feelings for either prince.

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6. Go Dok-mi in Flower Boy Next Door

Boys Next Door

Boys Next Door

A shy, frugal freelance copy editor in Flower Boys Next Door

In this drama Park Shin-hye played the role of Go Dok-mi. A modern day rafunzel. The drama is very interesting. I love the whole drama and also my friends advice me to download all of it's episode. Maybe because Shin-hye is the lead actress and Yoon Si-yoon is the lead actor. Even though people talks about the film badly I just take it like an achievement and just keep it in my mind that they also love this drama.

The characters and plot are so cheerful and lighthearted. As it declares, the RomCom will make you laugh a lot! No scene is too dramatic where you will cry your heart out. The drama has more of life lessons about friendship and dating.

5. Choi In-ha in Pinocchio



A bluntly speaking witch in Pinocchio

This is Park Shin Hye's current drama in South Korea. I love the chemistry between PSH and Lee Jong-suk. This might be another rom-com but after watching few episodes it helps me to better understand how much sacrifices and efforts made by diligent and dedicated reporters just to provide us with the latest news.

Park Shin Hye's acting is always very natural. And script of drama is going on without losing excitement. I highly recommend this drama to all fans who love rom-com and especially to all those who love Park Shin-hye. Let us support her in this new drama.

4. Lee Gyu-won in Heartstrings




For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What movie did Park Shin-hye played the character of a queen?
    • Evil Twin
    • Cyrano Agency
    • Miracle in Cell No. 7
    • The Royal Tailor
    • Prince Hours

Answer Key

  1. The Royal Tailor

A jolly, bright, and outgoing student in Heartstrings

Heartstrings is one of Park Shin-hye's musical drama together with CN BLUE leader Jung Yong-hwa. The two of them had worked before in the drama You're Beautiful. This is the answer to the fans wishes that the two of them must have a project wherein they will be the lead stars of the drama.

In the first few episodes of Heartstrings, I have to admit that I was feeling restless especially when Lee Shin was persistently chasing up the professor. However, it started to pick up my interest from episode 3 and then Lee Shin started smiling and making jokes. I love all the songs in the drama. I would love to see Jung Yong-Hwa and Park Shin-Hye together again. It's such a pity that Jung Yong-Hwa declined to be in the drama "The Heirs" with Lee Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye. All in all, the drama is great, refreshing series and I have added another favorite Korean actor in my list.

3. Go Min-nam/Go Min-nyu in You're Beautiful


A nun turned Kpop idol in You're Beautiful

When I was searching for a drama I always see this on the most popular drama and most recommended drama. To be honest, I never thought that Park Shin-hye was one of the leads on this drama. And I didn't notice it also. Until I read it's plot and then I read her name as one of the cast. I even felt a guilt because I forget my idol's drama. That is the main reason why in the present I always give time in research and reading news about Korean celebrities. So after reading the plot, I decided to watched it's first episode.

All I can say is that this drama is one of the best I've watched. I love the character of Park Shin-hye as Go Mi Nam and Jang Keun- Suk and the relationship between them. Manager Ma was funny, his imagination was out of this world. I wanted to see more of the character of the male Go Mi Mam though.

Park Shin-hye is both handsome and beautiful in this drama.

2. Cha Eun-sang in The Heirs

The Heirs

The Heirs

The girl who caught in a love triangle between Kim Tan and Choi Young-do.

I really love korean romantic comedy drama. This is the reason why I was very excited from the first time I heard that Park Shin-hye will be doing a new drama with actor Lee Min-ho. My reaction was like, " Oh my god! Two of my favorite leads in Korean drama will doing a drama." I consider this as number 2 on my list not only because I like Park Shin-hye and Lee Min-ho but also because of it's popularity all over the world.

Some would say that it is a boring drama but for me it is one of 2014's best Korean romantic comedy drama. This drama shows a great and strong love of teens that when it comes to love, no matter what is on the way, love always prevail.

My fascination with her is just as intense as it was when I saw her for the first time in the drama Stairway To Heaven. No other actress influenced me so much as she did.

1. Han Jung-suh in Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

The younger version of Han Jung-suh

This is the reason why I love Park Shin Hye. And the reason why I love K-pop. Maybe some fans would not agree on me but for me this is the best drama of PSH.

In this drama, Park Shin Hye played the character of young Han Jung-suh but before the casting Shin-hye auditioned first for the role and was picked among 250 contestants. Just imagine little Shin-hye bagged the young main role of Stairway to Heaven. And it was her first successful lead role in korean drama with a 40% in ratings. No doubt, she is really good in acting and must be considered as one of the most successful Korean actress.

Being cast in Stairway To Heaven proves that Park Shin Hye is a girl who has always had the ability to act ever since she was young. This only means that Shin-hye is among the most popular Korean actresses around the globe.

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catherine on July 16, 2015:

Park Shin Hye is a very talented actress. I really like her and the way she act. I dont care about people who hates this beautiful angel because i know there are many fans who love her.

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