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Paris Hilton and Her Serial Monogamist Habits (2021)

Caila loves celebrity gossip. She hardly is out of the loop with most things in the latest culture when it comes to celebrity life.

Paris Hilton Poll (2021)

A Star is Born

A picture of Paris from the early 2000s in her hayday!

A picture of Paris from the early 2000s in her hayday!

Who WAS Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton was all the tabloids could talk about back when I was a pre-teen and teenager. She was born an heiress to the Hilton Family, who owns the Hilton Hotel chain across the world. She modeled for various magazines and runway modeling, having the look of the time (tall, skinny, blonde hair and blue eyes; gorgeous girl) and a great flirty, charisma about herself that a young beautiful woman should. Full blown princess, this one was. She went from young teenaged girl to a celebrity news scandal walking in a matter of minutes it felt like. A lot of the reasons she was famous fell into only a few categories of scandal. The scandals usually regarded her family's money, her partying, her friends, eventually The Simple Life reality TV show, and her dating life. Her dating life is honestly one of the things that exploded her career. But let's talk about her career in the first place.

In the beginning of Paris Hilton's fame, she was partying and tearing it up at every famous Hollywood and New York club that she could get into. Her bank account and socialite status could afford her the ones she could not get into, I'm sure. She was "close friends" with everyone in Hollywood and she became a staple of pop culture in the early 00's. At the time, she even introduced us to our first look at Kim Kardashian, the icon who would later surpass her in fame and perhaps even fortune. Kim was her friend and personal closet organizer. Paris's party habits got her on the front page every week in magazines or celebrity news section! She even coined a term, "That's Hot!" How famous could you be, right?

Her first scandal came about and blasted her into the stratosphere of the tabloids and made her a household name. Even my Granny knew who Paris Hilton was at the time! A sex tape was leaked of Paris by her ex, whom was also in the video himself. We can all speculate if this was a part of a bigger plan with Paris knowing about it and capitalizing on it, but that's another story. This was the start of her dating history in the media. From there, it only gets more frequent. With the tape, Paris solidified herself as one of the first of many to come "famous for being famous" people. She anchored down a reality TV show with her best friend, Nicole Richie, which only boosted her fame even more.

Life Doesn't Get Better

The promotional poster for the TV Series, The Simple Life.

The promotional poster for the TV Series, The Simple Life.

The Simple Life

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie found their way on everyone's TV sets at some point in everyone's lives growing up. Even if you did not like the show, you would tune in to prove to yourself why you did not like it. It's where the infamous "What's Wal-Mart? Do they sell wall stuff there?" line comes from. The concept of the show was the take Paris and her sidekick Nicole, modern day celebrity princesses who have never had a "normal" day in their lives and place them in a normal environment and have them work for a living.

The following seasons changed to road trips, different jobs each week, camp, and a season where Paris and Nicole weren't together because of their personal issues, which was all the gossips could talk about at the time, and so on. The core and glue of the show was always the comradery between Paris and Nicole, their friendship, and their antics they get into. For me, I look back on the ditziness with fond memories because it's typical, silly, young girl stuff. I look at it and see me and my best friends when we're together. Fun! The show began to fade out as many do within a few seasons and gave out completely after 5, as it no longer had its sparkle and the girls' personal troubles in the real world were coming back to haunt them.

After The Simple Life, Paris went on to do a short stint in jail, made music, small TV roles, small movie roles and have other highlights in her career as a now entrepreneur, singer, and businesswoman. She has since launched countless perfumes, clothing lines, skin care lines, and everything else one could think of to have an income of revenue. However, like most things, fame is fickle. Paris's star power eventually began to wane in the 2010's. It's not like she was not in the news, but just not as often as some of the people that she put on... like the Kardashians.

There was a new set of girls in town who owned the scene. They set grounds for the next 10 years of what would be "cool" in Hollywood. Dumb, skinny blondes were out and curvy, dark-haired beauties were in! Kim Kardashian practically stole the scene from her former employer right from under her nose and got her own reality TV show, antics, and scandals to get into that became the talk of the town for the next decade. Throughout that time, although it seemed short, I hardly thought about Paris. Someone who was once the ONLY thing you would hear about was practically irrelevant now. The only thing that really kept her name in the news lately was her many partners she had been with through those years.

Older Doesn't Always Mean Wiser...

The glow up!

The glow up!

Who is Paris Hilton Today?

In 2020 and 2021, Paris was back in the headlines thanks to another Hollywood star. Rihanna invited Paris to model her lingerie in her famous fashion show. The only thing Paris was doing at that time was her DJ-ing she was working on, another random career venture for her. Rihanna's Fenty Fashion Show is just as big as any red carpet. Only the diverse elite and the hottest of the hot are invited and asked to be in it. So, I thought Rihanna inviting Paris Hilton back into a life of being relevant was a stroke of luck for her career. Paris modeled a pink lingerie set and REALLY stood out from the rest of Rihanna's bombshells in the show, like Lizzo, Vanessa Hudgens, Willow Smith, and Normani, being a tall, blonde, model-esque drink of water!

There wasn't a better move for Paris to take than to model in this show! It brought eyes back to Paris Hilton, the celebrity! From there, Paris announced that she had been acting as a dumb blonde her whole life for her public image, but it was not true. She should be "taken seriously" now. Okay, now that you're in your 40's, have done some of everything, gotten multiple DUI's, been to jail, been in the public eye, multiple engagements and relationships.... NOW'S the time to take her seriously. Fascinating. She also took the time to campaign against her former boarding school for physical and emotional abuse and turned that into a reality YouTube series on her life now.

So, where is our pop culture icon now that she is back in the spotlight for a moment or two? Paris is 40 years old this year, she got out of one relationship and ended up in another, a quick engagement and is now married to Carter Reum. WHIRLWIND! But this is not her first whirlwind relationship, which is the heart of what I wanted to talk about in this. In her 20+ years of being a socialite and famous, she has been romantically linked to over 16 men. Having breakup after breakup, scandals, domestic abuse issues, Paris has been through it all. For a 40-year-old woman in today's society, 16 men within 20 years, may or may not sound like a lot, however, the number is not what I'm even bringing up to point out. It's the time in between each relationship and the matter of the sheer number of times she has been in and out of "serious" relationships with "people she loves". Although married now at 40, that stands out even more to me with the number of engagements she has also had. 4! With the fourth finally landing in a marriage!

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The Past...

A collage of Paris Hilton and one of her many exes.

A collage of Paris Hilton and one of her many exes.

Dating in Hollywood

Starting in 2002 all the way until 2021, Paris has been publicly known and romantically involved with 16-17 men. These men and the relationships range from months to a few years, to models to billionaire heirs like herself. It's kind of crazy really when you do the math. That is about a new boyfriend every year to every other year really when broken down on a Paris Hilton 20 Year Dating Timeline. Dating someone new so close to your previous relationship leaves no time to grieve the loss of the relationship, no reflection time on the relationship or yourself, and leaves you with the time to yourself that it takes to find yourself again. There is almost no healing time in between.

Truly healing, figuring yourself out, and rebalancing yourself takes time. Not a few weeks and not until the next person comes along. It takes time to regain a sense of self after a relationship. Paris has publicly gushed about each of her boyfriends on some platform or another about how "he was the one" and that they were "soulmates". Like, I'm sure, LITERALLY everyone! Call me an idiot but I thought that those who do not learn from their mistakes were doomed to repeat them. This is a classic case, to me, of a serial monogamist. A serial monogamist is someone who has relationship after relationship without any time in between to really deal with the breakup. They can't be alone. It's sad that they can't be alone.

Paris is someone who has never HAD to be alone. She grew up with a sibling, both parents, very fortunate and beyond well off, and probably did not have as much supervision or love as she could have in her life, in my opinion. No guidance really. She always did what she wanted to do, gaining her party/bad girl reputation in her younger years. However, this lifestyle has led to bigger problems, I think. I believe Paris is the type to have a lot on her mind. Her businesses, her family, her social status, and her reputation are all important things to her and always have been. I could only imagine how she felt not being the Queen of the town anymore when her former protege, Kim, took the mantel from her. I'm sure she wanted to protect her relevancy and social status as a star in Hollywood. Image is important in Hollywood and to fans. Paris comes across as the type to want to be as perfect as humanly possible to the public. The public shapes her image.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

A photo of Paris Hilton and her new husband, Carter Reum at their wedding ceremony.

A photo of Paris Hilton and her new husband, Carter Reum at their wedding ceremony.

What Comes Next...

A perfect life includes a wife, a husband, love, kids, cars, a home, pets, money, and fame in the eyes of Paris. She has most of it just being born. All she needed was the boyfriend/husband. When turning 40, most people run into a life crisis of some kind. You're not young and you want to have things you can say you accomplished and set more plans for your future in an older life. In Paris's life, all of her "close friends" moved on. Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, her sister Nikki Hilton, and all of the other early 2000's party girls are married with kids or on with their lives and careers, and then there's Paris: 40 with no kids, (even though she wants a family), just rich and dating without intentions.

Countless times, Paris has been in relationships where this guy was said to be the one and it didn't work out. At some point, like I say about Taylor Swift, did you ever think it was you? That you're the problem. It's like the thrill of being in the honeymoon stage is fun, but anything after a few years is too much. Do you really want marriage and kids because you could've had it 10 relationships ago, at least! Even with the latest love news (or escapade), Paris has made headlines and brought my unsure eyebrow to the scene with her marriage to Carter Reum after 2 years of dating, only months after she broke off an engagement to another.

The engagement was shocking only because I remembered her announcing an engagement about a year prior and then the breakup. So, this engagement and marriage came out of the blue, but made me shake my head at Paris in a way. In a way, I'm happy for her to finally settle down and start another part of her life. However, another part of me feels sorry for Carter, because I don't think they'll make it. Look at her track record, could you blame me? Even the pictures from her wedding on her Instagram were mostly of her, not them. The pictures that are of both of them, make Paris look happy to have been married, in general, not happy to be with this man. She looks as if she's modeling wedding gowns than happy about the actual act of what she just did. This wedding, in my eyes, was really for her to fulfill a dream of hers of wearing a gown, walking down the aisle and saying "I Do" like every girlie girl's dream is. This wedding was almost a fantasy act, if nothing else.

Paris may have feelings for Carter but I don't think she loves him enough to actually stay married any lengthy amount of time, honestly. I doubt that she takes marriage seriously as she should. I think this marriage was a move to keep up with the Joneses and a way to boost her image. Everyone in her age group is aged out of partying, clubs, nightlife, and all things that seemed to interest her up until this point. Her move to push Congress to pass a bill on abuse on kids was a play out of Kim K's book, to me, to make her look better in the public eye. It came right after Kim was getting people pardoned and taking law more seriously and right after Paris's YouTube show. I think the student has now surpassed the teacher in the art of the socialite. Kim gives off a sense of authenticity when she speaks about her newfound passion for law, especially when following in the footsteps of her late father, while Paris gives "Oh, well it worked for Kim" vibes.

My Final Thoughts...

I think Paris Hilton was on top of her game in her early and mid 20's. She was the ultimate Barbie doll and still is, really! At some point she was untouchable and was a blueprint for a woman celebrity socialite. From scandals, to jail, to her partners, she was It! However, that much time on top leaves you disassociated from things like culture, friends, and where trends are going. Paris became an afterthought, which I'm sure she noticed and was annoyed by, to the people she had put in the game at some point. She became an afterthought to the culture! She was no longer popping, saying "That's Hot!" wasn't cool anymore, and thick girls were in!!! She did not choose to evolve, so she chose to get left behind in the celebrity culture.

Paris, if nothing else, is a brand! Everything she does is for her brand. It's too coincidental that her friends were all leading very successful lives, married with kids, while she was out partying for years, and now, she wants the same things. It's an image thing! She wants to be taken seriously, so she makes her brand serious. Now it's all about standing up for things, staying in the public eye, getting married and all sorts of stunts to keep her name relevant in celebrity social circles today. If her dating history says anything at all, is that she's not THAT serious about relationships and has a new beau, literally, every 2-3 years, and that it's for the image of "having a boyfriend" at all times and being wanted, if not some other superficial reason. It's all about the brand and that's it!

I believe that Paris is pretentious at worst and insecure at best, if not both. The serial monogamy alone is enough to make you question her intentions. I don't want to bash anyone for dating, however, when it becomes a pattern, it's hard not to notice. She wants to give off a grown woman vibe, while still acting like a teenager in my eyes. This woman was DJ-ing her own music at clubs until late last year in 2020. Go start a family or something! Everything about her moves, this year and last, came off as just a way to change her public persona to everyone. Not because she's actually in love, wants better, or wanting to do better. It's simply to Keep Up with the Kardashians.

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