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Pariis Noel ~ Beautifully Flawed


MC Rapper, Pariis Noel, is Detroit's newest rap sensation to hit the national music scene in 2019 with a new EP being released in May entitled, Beautifully Flawed.

Pariis is described in his biography as being a "multi-dimensional artist with an undeniable presence on stage." And he certainly comes from a city known for it's rich music history. I recently caught up with Pariis to discuss his career and new music in our Q&A.

Pariis Noel's Biography

Davon Jordan, aka Pariis Noel, is a multi-dimensional artist whose passion for music began at only 10 years old, while growing up on the west side of Detroit, MI. His passion was ignited when he was first introduced to the movie “Breakin,” a film focused on the dynamic between a aspiring jazz artist and two talented break dancers.

Falling in love with the art of break dancing initially, he then quickly realized that hip hop was his true passion. Shortly after becoming engulfed in his new passions, Pariis attended a family party, where his first mentor, ”DJ Chokes,” set up a freestyle battle for his friends and family. After noticing the microphone, Pariis took initiative and at only 10 years old, the bold and fearless Pariis Noel challenged his older brother to a rap battle. His talents astounded the members of his family and it became obvious that Pariis was destined for greatness. From that very moment, his life would be centered around his love for hip-hop and developing his god given talents.

Later in life, while in search for validation and purpose, it became clear to him that being an artist was an undeniable passion that lived within him. He recognized that from the moment that he was introduced to music, it remained the only constant in his ever-changing life. This is when he began to harness his talents and completely focus on mastering his craft. In this humble beginning, Pariis genuinely knew in his heart that with his talents, he was capable of changing the world. In the midst of being pushed to pursue a standard career path or to join the military, Pariis remained persistent in his efforts and knew that he was meant for greater things. Music became his escape and it became clear in his mind that God’s intentions for him were beyond what he could have ever imagined.

He released his first single, ‘Big Rings x Big Dreams in March of 2017. The single showcases his word play abilities as well as his creative talents. He followed the single with a track titled Dear Dad in 2018. The track highlights his own personal journey with his father and stresses the importance of a fathers’ presence in their childrens’ lives.

Pariis Noel is not only an artist but a businessman and a father as well. He prides himself on being able to provide for his family while following his dreams. He works diligently to fully understand the entertainment industry and all aspect of his career in order to be a success. His son fuels his inspiration. He works to be able to provide the things for his son that he didn’t necessarily have growing up.

In 2018, Pariis Noel traveled the country as a featured artist on the Rel Carter Culture Tour powered by Roc Nation A&R, Rel Carter. This tour aided in establishing him as an artist and opened a world of opportunity to him. He used this time to continue build his foundation, find his signature sound, and build his fanbase. He is now gearing up to drop his debut album, Beautifully Flawed in May of 2019. The project is projected to get significant main stream attention after it’s release. The album is relatable while allowing listeners to better understand who Pariis Noel is as an man and an artist.

Pariis is undoubtedly determined, and diligently working alongside his team to ensure that his is a name that will be a well-known for years to come.

Q&A with Pariis Noel

Thank you Pariis for taking the time to let our readers learn about you and your musical career as it is just beginning to launch.

RW) I understand you are based in Detroit. Were you born and raised there and what was it like to grow up there?

PN) Yeah, I was born in raised in Detroit Michigan, westside to be exact. Growing up in Detroit was humbling yet compelling, especially being the middle child. My mother labeled me as her “outcast” child because I was always the one being different and diverse in my own way. So, growing up in Detroit to me helped me grow as an individual. Detroiter’s never lose their value no matter how much we go through. Through the highs and lows, pros and cons, love and hate, either way we’re going to remain solid.

RW) Of course Detroit is known for its rich music history with Motown Records label having started there and so many music icons? What has that meant for you as an artist. Does it give you any motivation or a standard to look to in how you pursue your career?

PN) It’s a frame of representation to me honestly. The example being set by the ones who paved the way for new age musicians such as myself to carry on the tradition and embark a legacy in representing Detroit and our own morality’s as well, not just in music but culture and character as a whole.

RW) At what age were you when you, or your family, discovered that you could rap?

PN) I was chubby fat kid with thick glasses at the age of 10 that realized he could rap, lol.

RW) Who are some of your favorite rappers ~ who did you admirer coming up as a kid, and who do you like out there now?

PN) My favorite rappers are what I call the new legends of hip hop. The Kendrick’s the Cole’s the Nipsey’s (GOD REST HIS SOUL). I also was introduced by the golden age era of hip hop as a kid. Music felt like an escape that I need to go to and I haven’t come back the same ever since. I typically enjoy those that are influential to make a positive outcome on society, the culture, our generation!

RW) If you could do a collaboration rap song with one rapper out there today, who would that be and why?

PN) NIPSEY HUSSLE, because the grounds he stood were unmatched so I can only imagine the type of energy he would have brought in a recording session. We could have created something great together, we share many similarities as to what we both went through and experienced in life. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

RW) You also are a songwriter and write your own music? What was the first song you remember writing and what's the new single that you are launching your professional debut with called and the meaning of the song?

PN) YES I I write all of my own music and enjoy being a songwriter. The first record I wrote was called Pea Coat Music. A Freestyle to Kendrick Lamar’s record “she needs me” ft. Dom Kennedy. The new body of work I’m gearing to launch is my debut project titled “Beautifully Flawed” and it captures the significance of realizing we need to change, be the change and remain the change.

RW) In addition to rapping, what are some of your other goals as an artist? Will we see you in movies eventually?

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PN) I am open to all new opportunities, including films, assuming that no opportunity compromises my integrity respect and dignity. I plan to be more then just a musician but to be a community leader working with the public and creating positive change in my communities. I want to be able to grant opportunities for others, creating access to resources across the world for those less fortunate especially in my hometown. I am working to create something that outlives me to help others live on.

RW) I always like to ask people I interview this question before closing out the article: If you were asked to come back to your school that you graduated from to give kids some words of encouragement, what would your message be to them?

PN) PUT GOD FIRST... and you’ll never be second. Don’t seek validation through anyone but GOD and yourself. Don’t quit, keep going no matter the circumstances. Stay pure, stay true, stay humble. Be the change.

RW) Tell our readers where they can get at you on social media? And when can we expect your new single to drop?

PN) You can expect my debut album “BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED” to release May 21, 2019.

I’m also available on all social media platforms

My website is:

IG: @pariis_noel:

Twitter: @pariis_noel

Facebook: Pariis Noel

Thank you again Pariis for this interview. I know our readers look forward to seeing a lot more of you.


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Pam Morris from Atlanta Georgia on May 10, 2019:

Hi Rob, I am not familiar with Pariis Noel but from what you share and from the interview you had with him, I feel he is well on his way to fame.

It sounds as if he's doing all possible to learn the business and he has what it takes to move forward. Thank you for sharing, I learn quite a bit about an artist I never heard of.

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