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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Woman King (2022)

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What do you do as an actor when you have to work alongside the legendary Viola Davis in a powerful epic inspired by true events? You do what Lashana Lynch does and demand the stage regardless. The Woman King defied all expectations from its overly promoted trailers and advertising and became one of the best historical dramas of the year. While not the lead actress, Lashana Lynch stood out from all the rest as a completely captivating, moving and believable warrior of the Agojie. Her ability to express her feelings, her disappointment, her joy and her fear through her eyes alone is an unmatched talent that does not appear frequently, even in Hollywood’s finest.

The use of color is, to the best of my knowledge, very historically accurate, using grand colors such as golds and purples only when depicting those with a higher status, and blander colors with those who have less to work with. The attention to detail with things that would have otherwise been completely forgivable were not forgotten; making for an even more immersive experience. I have to give a special shoutout to Louisa V. Anthony, who was the hair department lead on The Woman King, as no two hairstyles were the same, and I imagine countless hours went into individualizing each of the warriors’ heads to match their own personalities and character.

While this particular story has not been told in this way before now, it does feel oddly familiar, like you’ve heard it many times before. But that may be simply because it is an underdog story, highlighting those who do not have the odds of success in their favor. Some of the resolution points may have been better left unresolved, but that is mostly just a personal belief, and simply a suggestion that may not have necessarily made the movie any better or worse. All in all, The Woman King is a must see, action packed, emotional, heartfelt journey of defying all odds, pushing the limits of what we are capable of, and showing that no matter how set we become in who we are, that there will always be room for us to grow.


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