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PanamaTrickster Reviews: See How They Run (2022)

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A whodunit taking pieces of other films that laid the groundwork for the genre to make a somewhat original take on the classic murder mystery party favorite. Tom George makes his big screen directorial debut with this Clue-inspired period piece in 1953 London, and his directing style is oddly reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s very distinct framing technique. To say that Wes Anderson isn’t in some way an inspiration to Tom George would be outright unbelievable.

The film practically taunts the audience the entire time with clues spread throughout to keep us imagining that we have the answer long before it is revealed, only to prove that the intention to reveal “obvious” clues were indeed meant to be noticed, but offered up a series of red herrings rather than true leads. However, it never truly insults you for making those observations.

Saoirse Ronan and David Oyelowo were standouts in an ocean of other talented individuals, proving that they can perform with, and at times, even outshine, more seasoned and notable names such as Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody and Reece Shearsmith. Dialogue in this movie will prove to be the single most important aspect to pay attention to, rewarding you by being reunited with previous callbacks, being able to confirm quotes from suspects as recalled by other characters, and simply being aware of the tone in which individuals might give testimony.

All in all, See How They Run isn’t exactly a new story. It isn’t exactly a fresh time period to be explored, nor is it at the top of its class in its genre. But it is good fun, engaging and full of laughs when appropriate.


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