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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Pearl (2022)

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Pearl is deceptively charming in the opening minutes of the film. It will prepare you for joy, carelessness and purely blissful energy from the 1910s surrounding a seemingly carefree and free-spirited girl by the name of Pearl, played by Mia Goth. This feeling of comfort is complimented by the use of almost out-of-place colors in the backdrop of some of the locations on set.

Truthfully, the story felt a bit boring to say the least, but it was told in such a captivating way that it didn’t feel impossible to sit through. That being said, watching this movie made me feel as if I would remember only specific parts from it randomly later on in life, then sit and wonder where I might have seen it, or if I had even seen it at all. The whole movie isn’t exactly a cohesive, memorable experience, but rather has parts that will be etched, burned, or branded into your brain for years to come when you least expect it or want it to.

Once the shock of what this movie really seems to be about hits you, it never really escalates or surprises you anymore. It just becomes predictably normal and simple. No real action, horror or thrilling elements really make another appearance after the first major reveal; and some may argue never made an appearance in the first place.


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