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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Halloween Ends (2022)

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At its core, the Halloween franchise is a campy slasher film series with gritty, gruesome elements, and is a heart pounding horror story that has already gone down in history as one of the greatest horror franchises ever made. Does Halloween Ends maintain the same life and thrills carried out by the 1978 smash hit that started it all? Absolutely not. But it doesn’t have to. As a standalone movie, Halloween Ends is packed full of entertainment, campy thrills, hilarious action and dialogue, and what matters most in a true slasher film, gore.

While no crazy camera work is present for this supposed end to an era, none is needed when the entertainment value is as high as it was in this film. The story is weird, but intriguing enough to not get bored or hateful that it deviates significantly from the original purpose of the franchise. After all, are you really after watching another installment in the Halloween saga for the story? Or are you here for the uncomfortably gruesome, eye rolling, over the top campiness? If you picked the latter, I have no doubt this movie will be a blast.

Halloween Ends does a strangely decent job at capturing the stuck-in-time sort of town that feels modern, but still extremely early 1980s, and truly accentuates the colors of the season it takes place in. The music is a perfect blend of teenage innocence, fun and stupidity, and really ramps up when you want it to. Overall, Halloween Ends may not be how you might have wanted such an iconic film franchise to end, but it is great fun nonetheless.


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