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PanamaTrickster Reviews: God's Country (2022)

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Starting off, God’s Country will blow you away with its mystifying, ominous, and surreal beauty of rural Montana in the wintertime. A full eight minutes goes by in the beginning of the film without a single line of dialogue, but still fully captures your attention with absolutely no hindrance. Fluttery ostinato figures soothe your mind as the piano notes dance around your head, pulling you into the vast solitariness, yet beautiful wilderness of Montana Canyon.

While some of the story takes place, Thandiwe Newton exquisitely portrays a woman who is consumed with her own thoughts, oblivious, upset and fed up with the way the world moves on around her. What would otherwise be a thrilling, suspenseful western, slowly turns into simply a day in the life of an isolated person, both in living space, and in head space.

While the main story unravels, you may find yourself gripping your seat, anxiously anticipating the next sequence of events. The build-up is intense, and will keep you hooked whether you want to be or not. However, slight disappointment begins to seep in after subplot after subplot is introduced, and the main story is seemingly forgotten altogether. Once the film seems to find its footing once again, all of the subplot build-up that you began to gain interest in falls to the wayside too, making for a resolution that ends up being rather messy, forgetful, jumbled, and frankly, hardly a resolution at all.

The vast majority of the cast sells the story extremely well, keeping you in the Canyon with them, and feeling something for each and every character, whether it be disdain, love, fear, hope or confusion. But with such a botched ending, it leaves you wondering if the entire experience was truly worth it. It might be worth your time in the moment, and you may not be upset that you watched it, but I do not think it is a film that many, if any, will be talking about ten minutes after viewing and onward.


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