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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Don't Worry Darling (2022)

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Noted as her second outing as a director, Don’t Worry Darling shows us that Olivia Wilde in indeed capable at creating a rather compelling and consistent story that feels original for the most part. However, the camera work could use quite a bit of help, as many of the shots seemed to be unintentionally jerky and uncomfortably amateur.

Now, the cast’s performances were rather spectacular around the board, and it truly felt like they gave it their all during the filming process. Florence Pugh, while still a relatively new actress, showed off exactly why she is already a household name with her performance, and treated us to a very believable, yet surreal look into the mind of someone struggling to maintain their own sanity. While almost everyone else fit the bill rather well too, Nick Kroll did feel slightly miscast. However, that may be attributed to him attempting to drop his traditional typecast roles, and branch out into more serious and/or dramatic roles.

One standout feat of the film was its use of color. Many movies have been praised before this one with their unique or accurate use of color that would pop off the screen in a distracting yet stimulating sort of way, but Don’t Worry Darling takes it to a brand new, almost poetic sort of level. The pastel colors of the 1950s are constantly in your face, however none of them are ever out of place just to accentuate the scene. Rather, they are all used practically and very strategically. This is not the only attention to detail that Wilde uses in the film, but simply just one of many things that might be distracting, or cause you to ask questions as to the continuity of the film early on, only to be have your questions answered later on. It goes from having an issue with something, to realizing why it was an issue, to being upset that you were wrong about the issue, then appreciating why you were wrong about it.

Don’t Worry Darling certainly has its positives, and yes, there are many. However, some of the elements were done poorly. For example, while the score is present throughout scenes that wish to make you hold your breath, make your heart drop or beat faster, it never truly assists with that emotion. Instead, it almost feels like a distraction. Additionally, you will have felt you have seen this movie before once the climax begins to reveal itself, and it could be convincingly argued that it is somewhat overused in cinema today. There is a big difference between withholding a mystery from the audience to place us on the edge of our seats, and having a mystery just to have one. By the end, it will disappointingly let you down.


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