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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Bros (2022)

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Starting out in an extremely fast-paced and chaotic manner, Bros didn’t feel all that promising right off the bat. However, it quickly dawns upon you that this fast-pacing is exactly what Nicholas Stoller was going for to set you up for opening your heart to understanding the mind of the main character. Some of the camera work felt almost documentary-esque, but not in a fourth wall sort of way, nor a shaky cam sort of way. Rather a stationary tripod with little to no panning or tilting.

It took a while for the plot to be introduced, but in the meantime, it was still joyful and engaging. Once the plot did begin to develop, it was wonderful to feel that comforting feeling of a true romantic comedy set in, allowing you to take a breath, relax and enjoy yourself. Bros is packed to the brim with humor, belly laughs and shockingly funny moments and one-liners. Compared to other comedies that have come out in the past several years, this one certainly took one of the top spots as far as how often it made me laugh out loud.

But at its core, Bros is a heartwarming, emotional, and engaging love story that hopefully will have a place in our hearts for years to come. Not much could be said poorly about this movie, its actors, its message, its plot or its screenplay. Bros truly is a wonderful movie-going experience, and one I hope many people get to experience.


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