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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Barbarian (2022)

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Barbarian promises to be a different experience from anything you’ve seen before, even if you are a fan of horror. It is almost impossible to speak on the bizarre brilliance this film brings audiences, and will almost certainly be talked about for several years to come, provided enough people get the opportunity to see it.

It is somewhat safe to say that this film is director Zach Cregger’s first outing into mass distributed feature films as a writer and director, and based on the effort and creativity he put into this film, I have an extremely hard time believing that it will be his last. Let me be clear: this movie is not at all for everyone. From jumpscares, to ominous music pulsing at the right times, to a constant sense of dread, confusion and distrust, Barbarian checks all the boxes for an engaging and outright terrifying horror flick.

As previously stated, Barbarian offers something different than even the most seasoned horror fans may be used to. The original, yet uncomfortably grotesque story will haunt you in more ways than one and linger in your conscious and subconscious mind rent free for quite some time, whether you want it to or not. As far as the technical work, the camera techniques felt trained and purposeful, the predictable horror movie tropes were practically absent entirely, as the cast made relatively educated decisions based on their situations, but still gave you plenty of time to violently shake your head and scream at the big screen in hopes they would hear your plea to not follow through with their actions.

Barbarian is truly unique, and for that, it deserves a substantial amount of praise. I hope to see Cregger’s future as a director thrive in the years to come.


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