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Pamela Denise Anderson (born July 1, 1967) is a Canadian-born American actress, sex symbol, glamour model, producer, TV personality, and author. For a time, she was known as Pamela Anderson Lee after marrying the drummer for Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee. Anderson is popularly known for modeling and television acting in the 1990s and for her large breast implants.

Pamela Anderson is one of the hottest Celebrity Babes of all time and she has made Baywatch famous all over the world. I bet you have memories of Pamela Anderson running down the beach on Baywatch. Or coming out of the water all wet on Baywatch. She gave us countless hours of entertainment while she was performing on Baywatch. And below you will find some really great Pamela Anderson Videos from her time on Baywatch. If your a big Pamela Anderson Baywatch fan then you will love this collection of videos of Pamela Anderson on Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson Sexy As Ever

Pamela Anderson is one of the Sexiest Women to ever live.

Pamela Anderson is one of the Sexiest Women to ever live.

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Pamela Anderson Biography

Nationality: Canadian

D.O.B: July 1 1967

Resides: The beach

Children: Brandon 9, Dylan 8

Celebrity blonde Pamela Anderson is an American icon, born and raised in a small town in Canada called, Ladysmith. Located in beautiful British Columbia, the town is fast becoming famous because of their Centennial baby. Pamela was born on July 1st 1971, Canada’s one hundredth birthday, and her Parents, Barry and Carol Anderson, were awarded with a medal. Life in Ladysmith was normal. Living on the edge of a cliff over the Pacific Ocean allowed Pam’s creative mind to wander. She would put on plays for her parents, forcing her brother to play a part in any story she came up with.

At a BC Lions football game Pam, wearing a Labatt’s Blue Zone T-shirt, was put up on the big-screen by a cameraman between plays. The crowd went crazy, demanding they bring the Labatt’s girl down for the lottery drawing at half time. Soon after she was the ‘Labatt’s Blue Zone Girl’ in a major advertising ad for the beer company. Playboy, after seeing the campaign, contacted Pam to have her appear in their magazine. She decided to go after her dreams and moved to Los Angeles, posing for Playboy and appearing on the cover eleven times.

After making a couple of sitcom appearances Pam landed a regular role on the hit ABC sitcom “Home Improvement”. Two season’s later she decided to take a role on the hit syndicated show “Baywatch” so she could take her dog, Star, to work.

Pamela’s stormy relationships have, unfortunately, become tabloid topics. After Baywatch Pamela dove into feature films with the big-budget international cult sensation, “Barbwire”, playing the futuristic comic-book heroine of the title. In 1998 Pamela teamed up with JF Lawton to produce VIP(1998-2002), a tounge-in-cheek action-comedy about a bodyguard service headed by the voluptuous blonde Vallery Irons.

Pamela has also been in the press due to her high-profile, stormy marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, suffering through the stolen honeymoon video and his substance abuse. In 2002, after having divorced Lee and four season’;s of “V.I.P” behind her, Pam announced she was taking a year off to concentrate on her health and spend time with her son’s. A year later she was involved with music star, Kid Rock.

Pam started a regular magazine column for Jane Magazine and produced, with her brother Gerry, an animated series based on her likeness in the form of a superhero called “Stripperella” (Spike 2003) created by Marvel Comic s legend Stan Lee. Pam voiced Erotica Jones and her alter ego,Striperella, exotic dancer by night and superhero by “Later that night”. The iconic Anderson would continue to make headlines with her statuesque profile, risque photo shoots and controversial personal life – including her strong allegiance with animal rights group People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals. It was around this time her good friends, the Wayans brothers, called her to be in their latest comedy, Scary Movie 3.

Pamela was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a result of sharing a tattoo needle with her husband. Her tireless work with the liver foundation and other related charities has raised awareness as well as millions of dollars for the fight against Hepatitis C. She is trying to reduce the negative stigma attatched to Hep C & Aids. By joining forces with MAC Pam has raised over 12 million dollars in 8 months, the most any celebrity has helped raise. The President of Este Lauder & MAC John Dempsey calls it “The Power of Pamela!”.

Anderson currently produces and stars in her own FOX sit-com, the aptly titled “Stacked” (2005 - ), playing Skyler Dayton, a woman tired of living the fast life and making bad choices in boyfriends who takes a job at a bookstore.

Throughout her career, Pamela has been an outspoken advocate for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and raised the amount of awareness worldwide.

Pamela has, for the last ten years, been the most down-loaded woman on the internet. She is a dedicated mother who has raised her children on her own. Often described as “Supermom” the future is always luminescent for the omnipresent Canadian superstar.