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Original Team of Legends of Tomorrow


Rip Hunter

Rip Hunter is the original captain of the waverider which is the ship in which the legends travel through time, he is a time traveler whose family was murdered and his bosses the time masters refused to help him in his quest for revenge, he recruits a team of heroes who are useless to the timeline and it doesn't matter if they die and disappear on the mission to kill Savage Vandal, save the future from total domination by Vandal and avenge his family and all those he killed, his plan is complicated and delayed a bit since apparently the heroes he recruited are misfits and do not know how to work as a team and he also discovers that his ex-bosses told Vandal to kill Rip's family.


Sara Lance

Sara Lance is an assassin raised by the league of assassins to be cold and ruthless and have no compassion for her victims, her story began in the Arrow series when she was on a ship with Oliver Queen before he became Green Arrow, when the ship sank Sara sank with it but then she appeared on the island where Oliver arrived and when she confronted Slade with Oliver the sea sucked her in and then the daughter of the leader of the league of assassins found her and recruited her to being there, she accepted and there began her love story with the assassin, then she returned to the city as Black Canary and when she died that legacy passed to her older sister, then when she revived with the Lazarus Pit and was recruited by Rip she took White Canary's name and costume.


Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer is a billionaire who bought Queen Consolidated to turn it into Palmer tech and was a love interest of Felicity Smoak, before he knew that Oliver was Green Arrow and even a little after knowing it he was one of those who wanted to stop Green Arrow for being a vigilante in central city, then Ray develops a suit which could fly, launch compressed light beams and can shrink, he decided to call himself Atom.


Leonard Snart

Leonard Snart is an ex-criminal who stole a cold weapon which belonged to Star Labs, when Flash showed up in the city he endangered Leonard's robberies but with the ice weapon he stole he was able to hit Barry with the cold ray and lower his speed killing someone, then with his partner he kidnapped Cisco Ramon so that he would build a weapon for his sister that would turn everything he touched into gold including people, in his first appearance Cisco Ramon named him from Captain Cold.


Martin Stein

Martin Stein is a recognized physicist who was disintegrated because of the particle accelerator but in reality he merged with Ronnie Raymond, he was reported missing but in reality he was in Ronnie's body with Stein's consciousness, he goes to his house but being in the body Ronnie his wife does not recognize him, then he finds out that the mother of his project worked with him and gave him fire powers, when the Flash team found a way that they could separate and unite whenever they want , when Thawne opens a black hole in the sky, Ronnie and Stein enter the hole and Ronnie sacrifices himself to close the hole, after a while Stein has to find a new partner since he was unstable.

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Jefferson Jackson

Jefferson Jackson is a mechanic who was a football player who was injured in the leg when the wave of dark matter hit him and crashed him against the wall before he could close the doors, when Martin Stein became unstable due to the lack Caitlin goes in search of Jackson to become Stein's partner but he refuses since he is angry with Star Laboratories since thanks to them he lost his chance for a football scholarship to enter a good university, in the end he decides to join Stein and re-form Firestorm.


Mick Rory

Mick Rory is a criminal who is the partner of Leonard Snart and has one of the weapons stolen from Star Labs but this is fire and not ice, he accompanied Leonard to kidnap Cisco, he and Leonard have been together for a long time a long time but once they separated until after Leo and Flash's fight, Snart is going to recruit Mick to help him in his mission to assassinate Flash, just like Leonard Cisco puts the name of Heatwave.


Kendra Saunders

Kendra Saunders is one of the 3 people who received powers thanks to some meteorites that fell in an Egyptian temple many years ago, her name was Chay-Ara and she was the daughter of the pharaoh of the temple, she had more than 50 lives and in each one of them she was with her love only that in this new life she did not remember anything of her previous life and lost all the knowledge she had, apparently her name was Hawk Girl


(Honorific mention) Carter Hall

This character is an honorable mention since only a few chapters have appeared but what has been said is that together with Kendra and Vandal, he and Kendra have the power of reincarnation and Vandal has the power of immortality.


Deaths or Separations Of The Legends

  1. Rip Hunter: He died sacrificing himself by exploiting a time engine on the waverider to stop Malus for a while so that the legends could escape.
  2. Sara Lance is the only original legend that is still in the team today, although she was out for a few chapters since she was kidnapped by an alien.
  3. Ray Palmer decided to leave the legends as he wanted to start a new life with his wife Nora Darhk.
  4. Leonard Snart joined the legends as a villain but came out as a hero since he sacrificed himself to end the corruption of the time masters.
  5. Martin Stein dies in the crisis crossover on earth-x being shot by a Nazi when he was trying to open a portal to return to earth-1.
  6. Jefferson Jackson left the legends shortly after Martin's death as he felt useless without his firestorm powers.
  7. Mick Rory also left the legends since he had to take care of the 48 children he had with an alien.
  8. Kendra Saunders decided to leave the legends at the end of the first season since after beating Vandal she could already have a free life.
  9. Carter Hall is a different thing since in the second chapter he was killed by Vandal when the plan went wrong and they couldn't kill him but thanks to his reincarnation they found him again and took him to the present, he and Kendra decided to go live their lives.

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