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Orange Cinema Tickets – How To Get Free Cinema Tickets

Orange Cinema Tickets

A lot of people know about the Orange Wednesday promotion. If not, well it is a very simple concept and very cost effective. If you have an orange networked mobile phone then you simply send a text, receive a code that you show at participating cinemas and you can buy 2 cinema tickets for the price of one. I did this for the very first time when I went to watch X Men Origins: Wolverine with the absolutely gorgeous Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. (Fab film by the way!). Lots of people would be interested in taking the opportunity of getting free cinema tickets but do not want to change their phone tariff just to get the free ticket. But there is a very simple way to get around this that I have found and I did not have to change my phone number or my phone network.

Claim your free cinema tickets With the Orange Wednesday deal

Claim your free cinema tickets With the Orange Wednesday deal

An Orange Pay As You Go Phone For Orange Wednesdays

I bought a new pay as you go mobile phone! But wait, let me finish. I bought the mobile phone through a cash back site. The phone cost me £5 to purchase and the cash back that I earned for making the purchase was £5. So I effectively bought my phone for nothing. I signed up with Quidco.com and clicked onto the company that was selling the phone – Paymania. I ordered the cheapest one. It took about 3 days to arrive and as soon as I got it, I activated it, topped it up with £5 and booked my first tickets for the cinema.

If you choose to use your old mobile number you can get £10 top up for free but if you use the number that comes with the phone you will have to top up the phone. The minimum amount is £5. It costs 35p per text message so I will be able to claim my free cinema tickets with this two tickets for the price of one deal for a total of 14 times before I need to top up the phone. That, to me is an excellent deal.

Would You Like To Make Money For Free

So why not give it a try. Visit Quidco.com sign up for an account and make your first money saving purchase by buying an orange pay as you go phone. Then claim your free cinema tickets for Orange Wednesday straight away. Spend the money you save on the drinks and popcorn. Enjoy your film for half the price.

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